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solvent recycling process

So what's the big deal with solvent recyclers? Are they worth the investment? Do they actually work? ... well the answer is a resounding yes !

A number of factors have all combined to make solvent recyclers the product of the moment for paint shops and heavy paint / solvent users throughout industry - Why?


REASON 1 - Reducing Solvent is Graded Crucial For All

Solvent is on the Government's hit list - they produce VOC's which damage the earth and incoming levy's and penalties for using too much of them.

Local Authorities already distribute VOC targets per business if you rise above them, you'll need an expensive license, so the incentive to keep VOC's low. For the purchasing department there is a crisis of upwards rising prices, if solvent purchasing can be reduced then that takes one less headache away.


REASON 2 - Solvent Recovery = Reductions

A solvent recycler's main purpose is as you might expect to recover solvent used in a business. Anything from gunwash lines, to paint thinning and general cleaning creates solvent waste. Via the process below the machine recovers as much solvent as possible which can then be reused to clean guns and lines once more.

This recovered figure can reach as high as 98% of what goes in! If 98% is being recovered you can reduce your purchasing costs for solvent, this reduces your VOC levels and even reduces your storage and waste collection costs...a win all round.

The Solvent Recycling Process

Get a view of how a solvent recycler actually works below from setup to the distillation cycle and the end product. Alternatively watch the UNIC video to see how this process works live.

solvent recycling process

How Is Solvent Recovered Using a Solvent Recycler?


REASON 3 - A Unique Tax Opportunity

The UK Government is desperately trying to stimulate trade and one way they have given provision for this is via capital equipment to support businesses.

Usually you buy capital equipment like solvent recyclers or can crushers claiming 100% of the capital back against your tax bill as capex. Currently the Govt has topped that up so that you can buy your equipment and receive a further 30% off your tax bill a total of 130%!! When you couple this tax saving with a solvent recyclers primary function to reduce solvent purchasing costs, a company can recoup the initial investment in under 5 months. Read more about the Government's Super Tax Deduction Scheme Here.

solvent recycling process




Solvent Recycler Key Benefits

  • Up to 95% solvent recovered

  • 25 Ltr / 60 Ltr capacity Solvent recycling machines

  • Economic to run

  • Vastly reduces solvent waste disposal costs

  • Reduces solvent purchases

  • In many cases reduces VOC consumption below licensing level

  • Low Maintenance

  • Explosion proof controls

  • Automatic operation

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Regeneration cycle 5-7 hours

  • Flame proof construction

  • Fully certified to EEXd standards

  • Improved environmental activities

  • Reduces health and safety risk

  • Wall mounted transfer pump for filling – optional

  • ATEX Compliant


The Figures - How Much Will A Solvent Recycler Save Me?

Solvent recyclers aren't just about solvent cost savings they provide a full circle of time, waste, VOC and product savings for your company. Here are the hard facts;

  • Reduce solvent waste disposal costs. The recycler converts waste to non-hazardous status and dry solids meaning no specialist removal costs.
  • Reduce VOC's by approx 22kg per 25 litres of average gunwash recycled.
  • Reduce Health and Safety inspections by storing less solvent on site.
  • Up to 98% of solvent can be recovered and reused meaning less requirment for buying new clean solvent.
  • 5-7 hr running cycle converts quickly at an average cost of £3 (electricity, solvent bag, service) per 25 litres or (0.12p a ltr)


solvent recycling processsolvent recycling processsolvent recycling process
UNIC 25 litre Solvent RecyclerUNIC 25 litre Solvent Recycler

(Stainless Steel Edition For Acid)

UNIC 60 litre Solvent Recycler



Other Capital Equipment - Can Crushers By UNIC


solvent recycling process
Can Crushers By UNIC Save Waste Reduce Costs


Crush 700+ Cans in 1 Working Day - See How In Our Demo Video


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