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Q-Tech spray champion spray painting products.The two comon types of paint spraying that are commonly used today, air and airless. In air spray compressed air is combined with the paint to achieve ‘atomisation’ – the breaking up of the paint into tiny droplets. This gives a superb finish (think of the finish on your car) but due to the high air:paint ratio, overspray can be extensive and is not easily controlled. By contrast, in airless spray atomisation is achieved by the paint being pumped with no added air through a very small nozzle (the spray tip). It is this total absence of any additional air that gives airless a huge advantage for the decorator – overspray is minimal, it can be easily controlled yet the standard of finish that can be achieved across a wide spectrum of coatings cannot be matched by either brush or roller application

Q-Tech sprayers are designed to cope with the demands of the modern sprayer while maintaining an affordable price point. Ultrimax stock a full range of Q-Tech products from pencil filtersm mesh filters, tips and full spraying machines. Take advantage of our trade account pricing, bespoke product purchasing and free technical advice when using Q-Tech products. Take a look at some of our top selling items below, if you need similar buy online with no trade account required or Contact Us to get a full quote.

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