Rustoleum Mathys Noxyde Single Pack Waterproof Metal Spray Paint

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Rustoleum Mathys Noxyde Single Pack Waterproof Metal Spray Paint

Rustoleum Mathys Noxyde is a water-based, single-component paint coating, designed for easy spray application and yet gives the same protection as a complicated and more expensive polyurethane systems. Rustoleum Noxyde forms a thick anticorrosive membrane that offers excellent protection against water, salt spray and aggressive environments. Independent research as per the ISO 12944 standard demonstrates that Rustoleum Noxyde is the absolute best in corrosive protection - it even offers more than 15 years of protection in the highest corrosion class C5-M.

Rustoleum Noxyde combines flexibility, strong adhesion, water resistance, excellent edge coverage and anti-corrosive pigments while requiring minimal surface preparation. Rustoleum Noxyde is a single pack water based elastic coating ideal for use on metal cladding, metal roofs, bridges, silos, electrical isolation and more made from iron, steel, copper, aluminium, plastisol, zinc, lead, galvanised metal and PVDF (with a special primer).

Features & Benefits of Rustoleum Noxyde

  • Unrivalled corrosion protection and waterproofing
  • Excellent edge coverage and protection of nuts, bolts and welds
  • Approved for corrosion class C5-M high (ISO 12944)
  • 200% elasticity - does not crack or peel when metal shrinks or expands
  • Water based formulation
  • Impact resistant
  • Primer and topcoat in one
  • Designed for spray application
  • Prevents rust from spreading
  • UV resistant and protects against abrasion
  • 10 Years product guarantee*

Technical Information

  • Density (g/cm³): 1,2 - 1,3
  • Gloss Level: Satin
  • Gloss level at 60º: 20%
  • Corrosion Class: C5 very high protection
  • Solids Content in weight: 62 % ± 3 %
  • Solids content in volume: 55 % ± 3 %

Recommended Use for Rustoleum Noxyde

Rustoleum recommends using Noxyde on iron, steel, special alloys, galvanised and metallised iron and steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead. It is mainly used for rust prevention or waterproofing. For outside and inside use.

When applying noxyde to non-porous substrates like glass, smooth bricks, or concrete, dilute with 25% water to act as an adhesion primer.


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