• Ultrimax Spray Booth Extract Filter Roll - 2mx20mx100mm
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Ultrimax Spray Booth Extract Filter Roll - 2mx20mx100mm

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Ultrimax Spray Booth Extract Filter Roll - Glass Fibre Roll


This Ultrimax green and white fibre filter is used as both a primary or secondary filter for spray booth extraction. In addition to filtering heavy dust, it filters air entering a booth or product preparation area. Our filter rolls are constructed from progressively built glass fibre which gives a filter media that is designed primarily for the filtration of solvent based paint and lacquer-particles.  It is easily cut so can be made to fit any size within your booth.  


Depending on the use, this can be used as the primary extract filter with the secondary media roll for the dual level of protection of ducts and fan systems. The glass fibre matrix of this extract filter is not dense to catch finer mists and sprays in spray booth paint applications but is robust enough to collect heavier dust and paint particles.

Guaranteed worker safety

To ensure a spray booth is operating to its maximum ability, the spray booth environment must be properly sealed. An air system will create the optimum airflow for a booth but this airflow must be properly filtered to protect the quality of items painted in the spray booth and the booth workers. A spray booth extract filter roll effectively filters the air to prevent hazardous chemicals or particles being breathed in by individuals both inside and outside the booth. This creates a safe work environment for workers and reduces any major health and safety risks.

Quality filters create quality products

Constructed from quality built glass fibre, a spray booth extract filter roll prevents contaminants, such as heavy dust particles, from entering a spray booth. This is beneficial as it ensures solvent and lacquer-based paint jobs can be completed to a high-standard without contaminants compromising the finish of the paintwork. An effective filtration system will save time and money spent on correcting poor paint jobs caused by a compromised spray booth environment.


Easy application

Thanks to the unique design of the spray booth extract filter roll, cutting and sizing the extract filter is effortless. With each roll having dimensions of 1m x 20m x 50mm the filter can be easily customised to fit the exact specifications of a spray booth. Though spray booths can differ in size, in general, a spray booth extract filter is needed on all vents, including ceiling vents and cross draft vents. The convenient roll design makes covering l

Technical Detail


Average Paint Arrestance : 95-98%

Initial Resistance : 7-40 Pa

Paint Holding Capacity* : 3500-4700 g/m² - *At 80Pa and 0.7 m/s

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