Aerosol Primer Spray Paint

Primer Paints:

Aerosol primer paints are the ultimate time saving product for spot priming and rust protecting small areas.  

Colormax Etch Primer or aluminium primer is ideal for coating galvanised or painting aluminium surfaces,  The acid etch formulation ensures excellent adhesion to any metal with minimum preparation.  

For painting plastic surfaces you need to use ProXL Plastigrip which is a clear adhesion primer.  This product can be overcoated within 30 minutes with most topcoat paints.

For a high build primer spray paint the colormax primer is perfect and will help fill any pinholes or imperfections.  It is available in grey, beige or white.

For touching up galvanised metal Colormax Zinc Galvanising Spray is an effective solution providing a bright zinc coating with good corrosion protection.

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Ultrimax Coatings 2017

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