• Sayerlack Water Based Crosslinker Hardener - Xa4080

Sayerlack Water Based Cross Linking Hardener - XA4080 - 1Kg

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Product Description


Sayerlack Water Based Cross Linking Hardener - XA4080

A cross-linker for water based coatings. When it is added at a concentration of 0.5-1%, it considerably improves hardness, abrasion resistance, resistance to aggressive chemicals and improves blocking resistance.

XA4080 is a cross-linker for waterborne coatings used to improve sanding properties of primers and drying/staking of topcoats.

This is used with all waterborne exterior wood coatings at a maximum concentration of 1%.

  • Speeds up drying times
  • Hardens finish


Why Choose Water Based vs Solvent Joinery Paint?

  • MORE SOLIDS: Water based products contain more solids. More solids means less solvent and more solids sprayed on your product. Solvent disperses in the air as waste product or atomises.
  • SPEED: More solids means less passes with a spraygun producing a quicker spray. Although water based products dry marginally slower than solvent a quicker spray counters the slower drying time.
  • VOC’s: AC / PRE Catalysed products are very high in solvents and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), whereas water based products are significantly lower. A good example is a standard solvent product may contain around 500g/litre of VOC however a water based product may have around 70g/litre.
  • NOT ALL WATER BASED PRODUCTS ARE EQUAL: A word of caution* Always check your current suppliers MDS safety datasheets. Not all Water Based products are equal and some products sold, contain much higher levels of solvent / VOC than you may think! Ultrimax’s VOC rating is a market leader at 70g/litre of lower if your current supplier can’t match these figures ask what is ACTUALLY in your product.


Technical Detail

Surface Preparation
Ensure timber is clean and dry before application.

Essential Product Information.

Sayerlack Water Based Crosslinker Hardener - Xa4080

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