• Flormax Road Marking Paint - Blue
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Flormax Road Marking Paint - Blue

Product Ref: IPROD05BL

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Product Description

Ultrimax Road Marking Paint - Permanent Line Marker

Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a fast drying, very tough paint ideal for road/lane marking. Typical uses include car parks, roads, runways, playgrounds and factory floor demarcation, can be applied by brush or roller.

Signal Yellow, Signal White, Electric Car Blue, Jet Black Road Marking Paint - used for general road marking.

Blue Road Marking Paint - used for Disabled and Electric Parking spaces.

Key Features

  • Epoxy Ester Resin Based formulation. High Performance supercedes rubberised paints
  • Very fast drying
  • Single pack for ease of application via brush, roller or line marking machine
  • Characterised by hard wearing performance
  • Superior durability over chlorinated rubber systems
  • Market leading line marking solution

Typical Uses

  • Application through most types of airless spray equipment, brush or roller by hand
  • Roads and Car parks
  • Airfield Runways
  • Brick and paving
  • Wood
  • Sports surfaces
  • Any situation requiring a permanent line marking solution

Application Process

  • Do not apply or dry when the air or substrate temperature is below 5oC or in excess of 30oC otherwise film appearance and coating properties may be adversley affected. surface temperature must be a minimum of 3oC above dew point. Outdoors preparation, painting and drying should only be undertaken during good weather conditions and never when rain is imminent or on days when a drop in temperature could result in condensation forming on the paint during the initial drying period or overnight.

Airless, Heated Airless or Airmix spray systems - Flush all lines with a compatible solvent before application to avoid 'throw out' and blocking of the filters. A full coat at the recommended W.F.T should be applied to create the desired line.​

Brush or Roller - Slight Thinning may be required. This material has limited capabilities when coating large areas or panels due to the speed of drying resulting from the structured characteristics of the material and is therefore limited to small areas or lines only.

Overcoating - Under normal conditions of temperature and humidity this can be acheived after 1-2 hours.

Cleaning - Clean all equipment immediately after use with with Standard Thinners/Gunwash. Ensure all lines, tips, etc. are thoroughly flushed out. It is not sufficient to leave equipment filled up with Gunwash.


Concrete, tarmac/weathered blacktop, brick or paving - The surface to be painted should be dry and free from dust, oily residues and any other contaminates that might affect adhesion or performance. It is recommended that asphalt and other similar surfaces be allowed to through harden for up to 6 months before painting. For synthetic surfaces such as weather sports pitches, unpainted asphalt, exisitng line marking paint and other areas where appearance is important, it is recommended that a test area be coated to ensure good adhesion and compatibility with the substrate or previously applied coatings. This is especially important when painting areas rather than lines.  In the event of doubt, a reaction or a need to coat newer substrates, the use of a suitable water based line marking paint is recommended.


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