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Ultrimax SGX - 1K - Semi-Gloss Container Paint - BS. 00A01

Product Ref: IPZ050-00A01

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Current colour: Ash grey / Oyster grey / Portland (BS. 00A01)

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Product Description

Ultrimax SGX 1k Paint For Containers And Skips

 industrial metal paint high gloss 2k paint

Ultrimax SGX is a high build, all-in-one Semi Gloss coating that’s easy to apply to metal surfaces. With its non-sag and anti-corrosive properties, our semi-gloss paint is the perfect protective solution for metal surfaces. With its excellent retention, it’s ideal for a range of direct to metal applications including steel shipping containers skips and cabins.

Ideal For Shipping Containers

Whether you’re looking to protect new metal containers or refurbish existing waste skips, our semi gloss primer coating offers easy application. With just one coat required using either conventional or air assisted spray guns, your metal surface will hard dry within 2 hours. Our Semi Gloss coating also doesn't require primer so you will save labour paint time and costs.

  • Ideal for use on any metal but ideal as a solution for shipping container and skip spray painting
  • Quick drying within 3 hours
  • 1K Paint product
  • Semi-Gloss finish at 40% gloss - ideal for covering up metal imperfections
  • Primer and Topcoat in one - formula includes zinc phosphate anti-corrosive formula
  • Reliable and tested product - Ultrimax top brand for over 15 years.
  • Ideal for spray, brush or roller applications


Semi-Gloss Ideal For Imperfection Coverage

Much like our premium paint and coating products, Ultrimax Semi Gloss is available in an extensive range of colours. We can also colour match to an existing sample using our state-of-the-art colour matching technology for a truly tailored service. Our semi-gloss finish is just the correct level to be ideal for skips and containers hiding imperfections and marks.

Available as 5 litre and 20 litre packs, we recommend storing Ultrimax Semi Gloss paint in a cool and well-ventilated area. Make sure the surface is free from oil, rust, grease and any other contaminates before applying.

Technical Detail


Key Features for SGX 1k Paint

1K Semi-Gloss container paint - Industrial Paint for metals.

Perfect for projects requiring a reliable semi gloss paint to cover up imperfections where a high gloss level would expose imperfections such as in container or agricultural machinery painting. Also used in steel fabrication projects and any application for metal requiring a semi gloss 40% gloss level.

Mixed in-House at our UK facility making this paint available for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm

Available in 5 litre tins or 20 litres with Ring and Latch closers for safe transport and easy opening

Thinner - Use Xylene thinners due to its purity. 20% Max Thinner Ratio.

Gloss Level - Generally provided in semi gloss 40% Gloss Level . However other gloss levels can be provided on request. Contact us or at web order point place in NOTES your required gloss level.

Composition - Medium to High Solids Formula

Anti-Corrosive Zinc Phosphate properties in the formula - The product is characterised by high resistance if exposed to weathering and good anti-corrosive power.

One coat required primer and topcoat product due to anti-corrosive nature of the formula. No primer required.

Ideal Tip Size To Use - 0.015-0.019 tip sizes depending on angle required

Ideal Spray Paint Pump to Use - compatible with a full range

Application - Brush, Spray or Roller

Colours Can Be tinted to a full range of RAL Colours, British Standard Colours and Fleet & Machinery Colours

Drying Times - Surface Dry 60minutes / Hard Cure 2 hours

Dry and Wet Film Thickness - Dry 75 microns / Wet 160 microns

Theoretical coverage rate - 6.5m2 per litre



Film thickness,dry - Min 30 / Max 50 / Typical 40

Film thickness, wet - Min 75 / Max 100 / Typical 85

Theoretical spreading rate m2/l - Min 8 / Max 13 / Typical 10

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