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Ultrimax 1 - 1K Metal Paint - Construction, Agriculture and Fleet Colours

Product Ref: IPO005-5017SW

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5 Litre
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Product Description


Ultrimax 1 - Construction & Agri Colours

 industrial metal paint for plant and machinery

As an industrial metal paint, Ultrimax 1 is a high build acrylic-based primer and topcoat in one. It can be applied easily – saving you both time and effort. And because it dries quickly, it won’t be long before you’re admiring the glossy finish! This high build primer & topcoat can be used for a wide range of applications Including plant and machinery, gates and railings, general steel fabrications, and architectural metalwork. Suitable for use on bare or previously painted surfaces.

Need Ultrimax 1 industrial 1k metal paint in a RAL Colour or British Standard? Order Here


Features & Benefits

  • 1k metal paint no need for hardener, use from the tin
  • Glossy finish 60% and above (see technical details) . Need a different gloss level? Add to basket and place your gloss level in the notes section of the basket.
  • Perfect for plant, machinery, construction, fleet spray painting
  • Mixed in-house to any RAL and British Standard colour. Order before 2pm for next day delivery
  • Easy to apply - Brush, Spray or Roller
  • Ideal for a glossy finish on metalwork.
  • No primer needed. Can be applied directly by brush or spray and will hard dry in 2-3 hours.
  • Contains zinc phosphate anti-corrosive properties and a high volume of solids.


Metal Primers

Are you unsure what a primer is? A metal paint primer is a coating that is applied directly to the raw surface or even on top of the previous coating. A primer will provide all the protection required upon the surface, offering optimal level of adhesion. This will ensure the paint will fasten on to the surface and stick there permanently. Having in place the exact primer and topcoat combination will provide the best level of durability, but it will also ensure a highly decorative finish once the system as well.

Ultrimax 1 is a metal paint with anti-corrosive properties, this means there isn't a requirement to use a primer before applying Ultrimax 1 as it acts as both. A primer can be applied to aid with topcoat adhesion or to produce an increased glossy finish.


Exterior & Interior Metal Paints

If you are looking to protect on a commercial level, ultrimax coatings can specify a paint & coating to suit your exact needs & requirements. From steel gates, or iron fence paint, or steel primers and metallic paints we have range of coatings here and the experience to advise you on the best possible products to help you with your project.
within our range you will find a huge variety of metal coatings suitable for both interior and exterior metalwork, domestic painting or commercial and industrial uses. If you are unsure about whether a product is suitable, you will see our data specs, we have multiple blogs and advise and always happy to answer any questions, feel free to call or email we will be happy to help.

View our downloads tab and view the Ultrimax paint process chart for advice on our full range of industrial paint, specifications and what it is best used for.


Technical Detail

Key Features

1K Gloss Industrial Paint for metals.

Perfect for projects requiring high gloss levels such as machinery, fleet and construction work.

Mixed in-House at our UK facility making this paint available for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm

Available in 5 litre tins with Ring and Latch closers for safe transport and easy opening

Thinner - Use Xylene thinners due to its purity.

Gloss Level - Generally provided in High Gloss 80-90% Gloss Level . However other gloss levels can be provided on request. Contact us or at web order point place in NOTES your required gloss level.

Composition - Acrylic High Build Formula

Anti-Corrosive Zinc Phosphate properties in the formula - The product is characterised by high resistance if exposed to weathering and good anti-corrosive power.

One coat required primer and topcoat product due to anti-corrosive

Ideal Tip Size To Use - 315, 415 or 515 depending on angle required

Ideal Spray Paint Pump to Use - compatible with a full range

Colours Can Be tined to a full range of RAL Colours, British Standard Colours and Fleet & Machinery Colours



Spraying Viscosity: Dependent on spray equipment

Spraying Equipment:Conventional1.4 - 1.8mm tip @ 3.5 – 4.2 bar

Suction Feed Hvlp:1.8mm tip @ 0.7 bar (max)

Pressure Pot Hvlp:1.0 - 1.4 mm tip @ 0.7 bar

Airless: 11 - 21 thou

Air Assisted Airless:11 - 15 thou

Electrostatic: On request to equipment manufacturers recommendations

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