Mirka PROS Air Sander & 5 boxes of Sanding Discs DEAL

Mirka PROS 650CV Air Sander & 5 boxes of Sanding Discs DEAL

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Mirka PROS 650CV Air Sander & 5 boxes of Sanding Discs DEAL

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Bundle Deal 6 item Special:

In your bundle you will receive 

x1 Professional Brand Mirka® PROS 650 CV PROS® Air Sander


1 x Abranet® Ace 150mm, P80 (50 in a box)

2 x Abranet® Ace 150mm, P120 (50 in a box)

1 x Abranet® Ace 150mm, P180 (50 in a box)

1 x Abranet® Ace 150mm, P240 (50 in a box)


Get advice on why the 650CV is such an effective sander for a dust-free working environment with the Abranet disc system.




Mirka PROS 650CV 5mm Pneumatic Orbital Sander

The Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander – MIRKA® PROS 650CV (Central Vacuum) is developed in-house by the Mirka’s industry leading design team. It is packed with clever features and attention to detail which has created an efficient and effective sanding tool that is perfect for professional operators. MIRKA® PROS 650CV has a five millimetre orbit and has been specially developed to produce maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, thanks to a wider dust suction outlet in the machine housing which substantially improves dust suction efficiency.


If a problem occurs with a Mirka tool included in the warranty terms and the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect material or by workmanship; Mirka will repair your tool free of charge in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions.  Contact us to find out more.  

Speed (rpm)  - 12000

Orbit (mm) - 5 

Size of pad (in) - 6

Size of pad (mm) - 150

Weight (kg) - 0.93

Noise Level, LpA (dB) - 75

Vibration level (m/s²) - 3.2

Dust system - Central vacuum ready

Work pressure (bar) - 6,2

Pad included (code) - 8292605011

Air consumption (l/min) - 485


Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs - P80 / P120 / P180 / P240 (50 in a box)


Mirka Abranet ACE Discs utilise the latest ceramic grain technology to give even longer life, faster sanding and unparalleled dust extraction performance.
The Mirka Abranet ACE Discs new superior ceramic grain gives a more aggressive and faster sand and the improved hook and loop backing not only gives better grip, but is tougher and stronger with improved edge wear resistance.

Enjoy speedy sanding with Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Discs

If you need an efficient and fast option for paint sanding applications, look no further than the Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Discs.

This ceramic sanding choice is a highly efficient, long-lasting abrasive which can withstand heavy use around your home, construction site or elsewhere. Buy Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs for sale from us to enjoy the full benefits of this durable and targeted sanding option.

Designed with difficult sanding jobs in mind, the Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Disc can be used on a variety of different surfaces - so it's versatile as well as long-lasting. It can, for example, cut through various hardwoods which are known for sometimes causing problems, such as oak. In addition, surfaces like lacquer, composites, metal and paint of all types work well with Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Discs - so you won't need to worry about damaging your walls, tables or whatever else you plan to use the item on. If you need to sand primers, these discs are particularly recommended due to their unusual features. The item's high levels of resilience against wear and tear, meanwhile, ensure that your Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Discs will last a long time and will give you plenty of further uses down the line.

As anyone who regularly sands will know, the emergence of clouds of dust can be an issue when getting this task done. Overcoming dust is simple with a Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Disc, and you'll have a sanding experience entirely free from dust - which makes for a more healthy and safe working space. The Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Disc comes with a 150mm diameter, and there is more than one grit size to choose from - so you can select one that works for you. Purchase Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs from us today, and you'll enjoy all of this flexibility - and more.

As well as cutting down on dust, the risk of clogging is substantially reduced due to the disc's mesh design and its innovative open net structure. Using the Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Disc, meanwhile, is simple: on the reverse of the disk is a Velcro-operated loop and a hook, so you'll be able to sand easily by hand when using this disc.

It's time for you to make the most of the latest sanding technology available on the market and give up the problems you've always had with previous sanding discs. Buy Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs today and enjoy a sanding experience devoid of dust and clogging.






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