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Ven Spray One

Manufacturing has huge pressures placed upon it to deliver at speed and to the highest quality. However, many manufacturers want to deliver the type of craftsmanship that simply isn’t possible with mass production pieces. Similarly, when fitting out a business – like a wellness facility or a lifestyle business – appearance is everything and they often seek bespoke pieces that just won’t be found anywhere else.

In manufacturing like this, there is a need to be able to deliver pieces – maybe office furniture or window fittings – which will be unique but they need to be completed to a high quality, uniform standard.

Spray painting by hand is a craft, but it won’t deliver the same level of precision and consistency. There’s also a point in the number of pieces to be sprayed that will need some degree of automation.

Do I Need a Spray Coating Machine?

Spray coating is the key to achieving a high quality finish on a range of various products. Companies seeking to enhance their production processes and uplift the overall quality of their finished products often utilise an advanced spray coating solutions - like a flat bed sprayer. These spray coating solutions leverage cutting edge technology, such as spray coating machines, spray booths, and spray robots, to ensure consistent and flawless coatings. In this article, we will be evaluating two surface coating solutions on the market - VEN SPRAY ONE and Cefla Mito.

We’ll assess how they operate so that you can appraise both of them against your requirements. If you are a company that requires a precise and efficient coating unit, we aim to provide you with the valuable insights you need to aid your decision-making process. So, let's explore the world of spray coating and discover the features, benefits, and differences between VEN SPRAY ONE and Cefla Mito.

What is Spray Coating and Why is it Important?

Spray coating is a technologically advanced method of applying coatings, like paint, adhesive or varnish, onto a range of various surfaces. The application of coatings using a spray machine employs a spraying technique that evenly distributes the coating material onto the surface. The process has revolutionised the way that coatings are applied and it offers many benefits and advantages over traditional methods.

One of the key reasons why spray coating is important is in its ability to provide a uniform and consistent finish. This is critical when delivering pieces to a high standard of finish. The spray coating machine uses specialised nozzles that atomise the coating material into tiny droplets to ensure an even spread across the surface of the piece that is being sprayed. This method of applying paint, adhesive or varnish eliminates the risk of brush or roller marks and results in a smooth, flawless coating. This is particularly beneficial for surfaces that require high aesthetic appeal, such as high-end furniture including high gloss luxury kitchen cabinets.

Why Venjakob VEN SPRAY ONE Spray Machine?

The VEN SPRAYONE was developed by Venjakob in response to the requests from smaller companies that needed to embark on an automated solution but that don’t have the capacity to onboard one of Venkajob’s larger, more industrial solutions.

The VEN SPRAY ONE has been designed as a single machine that replicates the Venjakob professional line, matching its approach to handling, design and energy efficiency but on a smaller scale.

The VEN SPRAY ONE basic model is equipped with high quality components and has been designed for longevity and sustainability. One of the key aspects that makes the VEN SPRAY ONE so easy to use is the integrated control cabinet that means the machine can be connected through a single socket, saving time and money when it comes to assembly costs.

Although developed to meet the requirements of most small businesses, the basic model has the option for additional modules to be added as needed. Other modules that can be added to the basic VEN SPRAY ONE model include remote maintenance.

The team at Venkajob is aware that small businesses may be operating at high speeds and could lack the bandwidth to oversee the assembly or trials on site. To this end, Venkajob offers additional services, such as assembly, project consulting on site or trials and process training.

Working in Detail with the VEN SPRAY ONE

The VEN SPRAY ONE excels in working with small to medium sized pieces, with the smallest piece that can be sprayed through the machine 25mm.

The painting machine itself is just over 4 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.60 meters high, making it easily accommodated in a typical workshop setting. The VEN SPRAY ONE has a spacious spray booth with large viewing windows so that the machine operator can review the pieces throughout the spraying process.

When spray coating pieces, the VEN SPRAY ONE requires a minimum size of at least 25 mm wide and 6 mm high. When considering larger pieces, the maximum dimension is 1,300 mm in width and 50 mm in height.

The VEN SPRAY ONE has been developed with small businesses in mind, ensuring that every aspect of the machine is straightforward. As well as being easy to use, the Ven Spray One is simple to clean and maintain. To ensure this, all areas within the spray coating machine are easily accessible and long-life LED tubes illuminate the spray area so that the coating process can be easily viewed, but also cleaned. The machine is controlled by an extra large and intuitive touch screen which is fully integrated to the machine and with a clear to follow user interface that makes it easy for any member of the team to run a job.

VEN SPRAY ONE Specifications

The VEN SPRAY ONE can take the place of a process that means pieces that would have been coated using a hand help spray gun would now be processed within the VEN SPRAY ONE coating line. To deliver a high quality of finish the VEN SPRAY ONE is powered by a linear drive that controls the four spray guns evenly to ensure a uniform finish. The coatings used are designed for materials that include wood, glass and plastics. To ensure that pieces are sprayed to a consistent level time and time again – and even when run weeks apart – the system control can be programmed to store exact formulas in recipe management.

The VEN SPRAY ONE includes

  • Exhaust System DRY 7000
  • Gun Drive ONE
  • Light Barrier Control
  • Electrical Control Cabinet
  • Paper Belt System
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Air Filter Ceiling AV
  • Two Air Supply Fans
  • Exhaust Air Baffles over extraction area
  • Option of remote maintenance

Why Cefla Mito Machine?

The Mito has similarly been developed to meet the needs of smaller businesses and workshops. The Mito scans incoming pieces with a high-precision photodiode barrier taking precision measurements to understand the exact requirements of the piece to be sprayed. Using this information, the control software optimises the spray process with a view to conserving paint used.

The Mito has the option of 1 central spray arm or 2 side arms. Either option allows the colour and product specification to change automatically at high speeds. The software can also manage valve and time control.

The Mito overspray function operates by sucking through two-stage dry filters, which helps to reduce operating maintenance costs. Large filtering surface areas power better air distribution, which supports a uniform finish and can lead to a cleaner machine.

Mito’s patented Airsphere Plenum promotes a flow of clean air across the spraying system into the spraying zone, with the aim of eliminating overspray residues throughout the processing phase.

The Mito can either employ a paper or carbon fibre belt conveyor system. The paper conveyor is a good option for spraying glues and non-recoverable paints. A vacuum system ensures that the paper belt remains completely stretched at all times, which ensures that the underside of the panels remain unsprayed while perfecting the spray coverage at the edges.

The carbon fibre conveyor belt is designed to be used in the spraying of recoverable water- or solvent-based paint. The carbon fibre belt is configured to include a patented HCD automatic recovery and cleaning system. This system minimises maintenance procedures and can cut down on the amount of solvent that is used in the process. The Mito ensures its stable and secure working surface through its use of a patented automatic belt centring system.

Cefla Mito Specifications

The Cefla Mito includes:

  • Control panel with PLC and machine control software
  • 12.1" colour touch screen on control panel
  • Photodiode reading barrier
  • 1 central or 2 side arms
  • Mito Glass configuration
  • Overspray Filtration
  • Patented Airsphere Plenum
  • Paper or carbon fibre belt (CFB) conveyor system

Choosing the Right Spray Coating Solution for Your Needs

Making an informed decision on the best spray coating option for you is critical to ensure that you achieve your desired results. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us to speak to our technical expert.

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