Spray Robot vs. Flat Bed Sprayer - Which Is the Best?

Spray Robot vs. Flat Bed Sprayer

In industries, like manufacturing and woodworking, surface coating plays a vital role in the final product. To secure a flawless finish, brands rely on equipment like spray robots and flat bed sprayers to deliver excellent results. However, which is the best option for you and how does both measure up against your requirements?

There are many factors to consider with both spray robots and flat bed sprayers, with advantages that depend on your particular needs. In this blog, we'll explore two options for surface coating and review the benefits and limitations of both spray robots and flat bed sprayers.

Before diving into specifics, it's worth noting that both spray robots and flat bed sprayers apply coatings to various surfaces, including wood, efficiently and consistently. It removes the opportunity for the imperfect finish that can come from hand spraying.

Whether you're a spray booth manufacturer or involved in the wood coating industry, the output is always the same - to achieve a flawless finish that protects, enhances and drives up the value of the products that are being manufactured.

Understanding the Benefits of a Spray Robot

Spray coatings are an essential part of many industries, with some manufacturers still choosing to spray by hand. While this approach promotes craftsmanship, applying coatings manually will be time consuming and can result in reduced uniformity in output.

One of the main advantages that comes with spray robots is improved efficiency through coating line automation. Automating the coating line means the entire process, from preparing the surface to applying the coating, can be seamlessly processed by robot. It also reduces the opportunity for human error which often results in inconsistent application.

Capable of working at much faster speeds than a manual coating line, spray robots can result in increased productivity and shorter production times. Able to process large volumes of work without compromising on quality, spray robots can be a good option for industries with a large number of deliverables and tight deadlines.

Spray robots supports health and safety as the robots can operate in hazardous environments, working with coatings that contain toxic substances. The spray robot enclosure also helps to reduce human exposure to the harmful substances and fumes.

Exploring the Advantages of a Flat Bed Sprayer

When it comes to achieving optimal efficiency in surface coatings, the spray coating machine is a game-changer. An innovative piece of equipment, the flat bed sprayer brings with it a number of advantages that can make it the preferred choice for smaller industry settings and workshops.

Primarily, a flat bed sprayer is known for its versatility. It can handle any material with ease, from spray coating all types of wood and metal to a wide range of other materials. With its easily adjustable settings and multiple spray patterns, a coating machine like the VEN SPRAY ONE, delivers precise, even application and reliably flawless finish every time.

The flat bed sprayer also operates at very high speeds with a high-pressure system and wide spray coverage that completes projects in a fraction of the time that manually spraying would take. These time efficiencies lead to increased productivity capacity and the ability to have more live projects which drives up revenue.

While you are able to increase your output, the flat bed sprayer can reduce overheads and is incredibly cost-effective. Reducing the need for manual labour to one operator as required, the VEN SPRAY ONE produces a consistently high quality output, delivered with precision and at great speed. With a flat bed sprayer, you are even able to recover unused paint and repurpose it for future projects. That's a saving in resources used with every spray.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Spray Robot and Flat Bed Sprayer

Both spray robots and flat bed spraying application machines have their pros and cons - your requirements will help to determine your best option. You can best understand which option will target your needs if you have a clear view of the tasks that need to be carried out, the volumes involved and the material that you will be coating.

Another factor that plays an important role in deciding which option of spray machine you might need is to consider the space that you have to occupy. Health and safety will determine the space that you need to consider for the excess spray and fumes from a spray robot while a flat bed sprayer more easily manages this aspect through its closed unit and exhaust system.

Automation in Spray Robot vs Flat Bed Sprayer

What level of automation is required? A spray robot offers a high level of automation and precision, which can work well for large-scale production, where an element of waste is expected.

The flat bed sprayer requires two operators, one for infeed, one for unloading at the outfeed for drying.

Cost Considerations

Cost is always an important consideration. Spray robots are generally more expensive upfront as they are an advanced technology solution and require more cost around automation. Flat bed sprayers require a smaller initial outlay but they will require an operator that ensures the coating line runs as it should.

Efficiency and Productivity: How a Spray Robot Can Benefit Your Operations

Efficiency and productivity are critical for competitive advantage. Both a spray robot and a flat bed sprayer will streamline operations and deliver efficiencies.

The spray robot option both simplifies and accelerates the process of applying coatings, paints, or adhesives, by eliminating the need for manual labour. By programming the robot to perform precise movements, you can achieve consistent and uniform results across your coating and finishing line. A spray robot is accurate and fast, greatly enhancing productivity and making it a valuable asset for manufacturing and industrial operations.

The spray robot supports safety in the workplace, with automated spraying processes reducing the exposure of workers to potentially harmful chemicals. Equipped with advanced sensors and controls, precision application can also minimise waste.

Spray robots can impact on a business's bottom line, with assured quality and increased productivity. However, the initial outlay is considerable and may be prohibitive to smaller, businesses.

The Advantages of a Flat Bed Spraying

When considering a spray coating machine, the flat bed spraying machine allows workshops and high value manufacturers to increase productivity, deliver efficiencies and retain a highly knowledgeable and valued team member as the operator.

A key advantage is its flexibility which allows workshops and manufacturers to easily switch between different coating materials and application techniques without reconfiguration or reprogramming saving time and resources. It can also accommodate various sizes, making it suitable across a wide range of industries.

The flat bed sprayer is easy and intuitive to use. A spray robots will often require specialised training and programming, whereas experienced flat bed operators can make real-time adjustments to ensure optimal coating quality.

Maintenance and Reliability

Spray machines offer efficient precision but it does require regular maintenance to ensure optimised performance and reliability.

When you invest in a spray machine, you will also have to take into account the cost - and value to your company - of the maintenance plan. Regular inspections to check for wear and tear, loose connections, and any signs of damage are essential. They will also require frequent and stringent cleaning clogging or malfunctioning. Continuous lubrication of moving parts is also vital for smooth operation.

As well as the original investment, a continued investment in the machine is required in the quality of the parts and components used to repair the machine.

Maintenance and reliability go hand in hand when it comes to coating machines. By implementing a preventive maintenance plan, using high-quality components, and investing in training and continuous improvement, you can maximise the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

Ease of Use and User-Friendliness: Using a Flat Bed Sprayer

When it comes to efficiency and productivity in a coating line, the usability of equipment plays a crucial role. We've already identified that a flat bed spraying can simplify the coating process. The sprayer is easy to use and user friendly, making them straightforward to integrate in your operations.

With the VEN SPRAY ONE, the coating line is easily managed by a large and easily to use touch screen. With clear instructions and a fully integrated control panel operators can easily navigate through the system and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, the VEN SPRAY ONE'S design allows for effortless handling, reducing operator fatigue.

With easy to use programming, time and resource can be saved on set up, with the flat bed spray unit automating the majority of the process. With even and consistent coating application delivered at high speeds, large projects can be run through the system without compromising on quality and workmanship.

Operators are able to inspect the process from a distance, with the toxic substances encased in the unit. Powerful fume extraction ensures that users health and safety is maintained at all points of the process.

Overall, the ease of use and user-friendliness of a flat spray coating machine makes it an ideal choice for any coating line. The integration of a spray machine and intuitive interface streamlines the process, maximises productivity and ensures consistent results.

Need to Move Quickly?


One of the most important considerations when companies are looking for coating line automation is - how fast can providers move?

When seeking to expand operations to manage a large order or to move your company to the next level in terms of output, you may have capital expenditure to invest in a spray machine; however, the resources in terms of time and housing may be prohibitive.

For companies that need to increase production levels without compromising on the high quality that they're known for, the VEN SPARY ONE meets both these requirements.

Venjakob's compact coating machine can be seamlessly integrated into your team and your workspace at short notice. Many of our clients require fast installation and we've been able to move from unit purchase to installation and implementation within four weeks.

For more information about flat bed coating machines or spray robots contact us and speak to our technical expert.

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