Making Sense of Dust and Spray Paint Masks

Respiratory Masks

The range of jobs that require face masks to be used is broad. So, it stands to reason that there is a wide range of masks for you to choose from.

Some professionals will use dust masks to help them filter the air that they’re breathing whereas others will use paint masks to ensure that fumes cannot penetrate their breathing air.

To understand which mask will best meet your needs, we’ll review face masks by brand and by purpose to help you find the right mask for you.

Optrel Masks

Founded in the mid-1980s, Optrel ranks among the global providers of face masks, protection and associated products. While Optrel places a strong emphasis on tailoring their products to meet your needs, the brand remains closely connected to its origins, promoting brand family values and delivering superlative safety and innovative solutions.

Optrel E3000x Powered Air Respirator Kit

The Optrel E3000x ensures that your vision is paramount, even during the toughest of jobs. These Swiss-made respiratory masks excel when it comes to industrial paint and wood coatings, enabling the operator to work and breathe as you would in fresh air. Supported by a Clearmaxx visor, the E3000x is targeted at power coating and sanding jobs and will require a gas filter for painting. Light and comfortable, air can be directed away from the eyes without compromising on power. Works well in food production and refrigeration as well as industrial cleaning, the Optrel E3000X Powered Air Respirator Kit is ATEX zone 2 rated.

BLS Masks

An Italian brand that has grown to prominence on the global stage, BLS are a forward-facing and highly responsive brand that supported the Italian nation throughout the pandemic, with superb experience in medical respiratory masks. At Ultrimax, we’re pleased to showcase our full range of BLS products, from full face masks to the FFP3 dust mask. BLS is ISO 9001 and EU 2016/425 certified.

BLS Valved Dust Mask

Delivering excellence in filtration, the BLS Valved Dust Mask is classified FFP3 which ensures that the most minute particles cannot get through the dust mask. With a built-in valve to support improved exhalation, both the nose clip and ear loops can be personally fit to suit. Although light and build for comfort, the BLS Valved Mask is strong and durable, as it is reusable. Whereas some masks may not sustain multi-use, the BLS Valved Dust Mask utilises Armor Guard Textile, a perforated polymer film, that captures and holds droplets, ensuring that they don’t leak or spread across the surface.

BLS 8000 Series Ready-to-Use Mask

The BLS 8000 offers the best of both worlds – the protection of a reusable mask, with the simplicity of a single use mask. Ready to use straight out of the box, the BLS 8000 homes A1P2 filters and delivers toxin-free filtration through hard-working activated carbons. Thin, light and easy to adjust, the BLS 8000 protects against organic gases and vapours, dust and particles and non-organic fumes.

BLS 4000 Series Respirator Half Face Mask

Finding the right choice of paint mask can be challenging. The mask has to be lightweight enough to allow you to spray paint freely, but robust enough to protect against paint particles and vapours. When reviewing masks for spraying paint, the BLS 4000 Half Mask will prove hard to beat. With A2P2 filters, the BLS 4000 is designed for comfort but has a powerful 3 dust particulate filter and an A2, K2 and ABEK1 Gas and Vapour filter.

Developed with the user foremost, the BLS 4000 has a quick-release that allows the lower half to be removed without having to remove the head harness. Made from silicon and thermoplastic, the BLS 4000 can protect against both organic gases and inorganic vapours, such as chlorine and sulphur dioxide.

RPB Masks

If you’re looking for heavy-duty air fed masks to match the job at hand, then RPB could have the right solution for you. Developed for heavier, more industrial projects, including shotblasting, RPB respiratory masks have evolved in the past few years to deliver even greater filtration protection. Joining the GVS Group, RPB offer both masks and other protective gear to support your shotblasting requirements.

RPB Nova 3 Blast Respirator Kit

So thrilled is the brand with the performance of the RPB Nova 3, that they have declared it the ‘World's Most Comfortable Blasting Respirator’. With targeted flow, this air fed respirator ensures a constant stream of fresh air that does not impact the field of vision.

Operator visibility has been key to the development of the RPB Nova 3, with a large visor to offer panoramic viewing, with a cassette lens system that allows the user to remove a layer to create a clear lens once again. Both the Bellow seal and the Cape seal provide a barrier against dust, while padding is both comfortable and machine washable to allow for deep cleaning between wears.

RPB states that their removable visor speeds up lens replacement so dramatically that users could save 48 minutes per day, which would add up to 24 days across a 12-month period.

Nova 3 Mask



RPB C40 Climate Control Device

Not only is climate change impacting working conditions, but industrial shot blasting jobs will often naturally occur in irregular environments. While battery powered masks will deliver fresh air into your mask, the RPB C40 Climate Control Device empowers you to set your temperature. Air temperature can be controlled with the use of a lever enabling you to reduce the temperature of incoming air by 29°C (52°F), or to increase it by 18°C (33°F). Lightweight but robust, the RPB C40 has been developed to excel in harsher conditions.

With many different types of dust masks and spray-painting masks on offer, we’re here to help you find the right one for your job. Why not talk to us directly?

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