3 Ways a Spray Paint Drying Rack Saves Time, Bottlenecks and Money

Spray paint drying rack benefits for cabinet doors. Author - Andy Potts June 16th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)


paint drying racks

If you manage a spray shop in the woodworking industry, you'll know that space is often at a premium, and time even more so. The paint finish is the most critical part of the job, but it's also the final task in the production process. Logistics can get overlooked, causing bottlenecks to occur. If you want to boost production and avoid damaging finished items, work has to flow smoothly, and storage needs to be well organised.

Using an industrial paint drying rack for cabinet doors and other workpieces can change the game, saving you time, hold-ups and money.

Here's how.

  1. They safely maximise your drying area

A spray paint drying rack allows you to stack vertically instead of using coveted floor space. You can collate finished jobs in one, tight area. Because they are designed for the job, racks provide safe storage. There's far less risk of damaging completed work and having to respray.

  1. They allow adequate airflow for the perfect finish

When items such as cabinet doors are packed too tightly together in the drying area, it can cause curing issues and paint flaws. Well-designed drying racks allow plenty of space between stored items for adequate airflow, eradicating this problem.

paint drying racks

  1. They help you to stay organised to avoid bottlenecks

Most racks have wheels, making it quick and easy to move work around the spray booth without damaging the item or presenting manual handling risks. A portable drying rack also creates a mobile storage facility that you can move around the workshop to keep orders organised and safe.

The bottom line

Spray racks are an investment that will bring you a high return. They allow you to:

  • Speed up your production line
  • Reduce the risk of damage to work that would result in costly resprays
  • Improve spray shop health and safety
  • Organise your orders and space effectively

Features to look for in spraypaint drying racks

  • Solid construction and high-quality components for durability and stability.
  • Stackable to maximise space when not in use.
  • Bar-end bungs to protect workpieces from accidental knocks.
  • Heavy-duty swivel casters for easy manoeuvrability, even at maximum load capacity.
  • Generous gaps between bars to meet most general drying needs.
  • Removable bars to accommodate bigger workpieces.
  • Bars that can be easily replaced if damaged.

Boost your production today

Our premium-quality spray racks are available with 13, 15, 16 or 25 rack bars and shipping is FREE to mainland UK.



paint racks


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