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Jotun Paints Alkyd Paint Thinner No.2

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Jotun Paints Alkyd Paint Thinner No.2

Jotun Paint Thinner No. 2 is a paint thinner designed to improve the flow of a range of Jotun alkyd and oil based based products including Pilot II.

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Not Just A Paint Thinner

It can also be used as cleaner of pumps and tools after and before painting.


Why Does Alkyd Paint need an Alkyd Paint Thinner?

The Use of Alkyd Paint

Because the binder in an alkyd paint is a strong resin, it is very resistant to damage. Therefore, many people use them in high traffic areas of homes such as hallways. The resin binder is also resistant to moisture; therefore, it is a good paint for use in joinery environments such as kitchens or marine environments where moisture may be present.

Latex paint isn’t quite as durable as many types of alkyd paint. Furthermore, alkyd paint retains its sheen for much longer than other types of paint.

Due to the strong adherence of the resin binder, you can actually apply alkyd paint over a latex paint. You can also apply it over unfinished wood. If you want to paint an area without as much preparation or without stripping the old paint, alkyd paint is your best option for a tough and durable finish. 

To maintain the durable and moisture resistant nature of the paint we would always advise teaming Jotun Alkyd Paint with Jotun Alkyd Paint Thinner to retain the same system. 

Rating:starstarstarstar (1 reviews)

Thu 16th Jul 2020
It does what it says on the tin and was a very good buy.

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