Graco Airless Spray Guns & Accessories

Graco are a world leading manufacturer of fluid handling systems and components, which are distributed in the UK by Ultrimax Coatings Limited.  The Graco range of products includes airless sprayers (air powered, battery powered, electric airless sprayers and petrol airless sprayers), plural component equipment, air assisted airless pump systems, and finishing equipment including HVLP turbines

Airless Sprayers

The Graco King airless sprayers come in 3 different sizes, all with gun and hose included. Each of them benefits from simple maintenance, improved icing performance, less pulsation, improved sealing and strength, and multiple gun capabilities. They are the perfect solution for dealing robustly with tough protective coatings. You are guaranteed top-notch performance, whatever the environment may be.

The Graco Merkur Pneumatic Air Assisted Airless Sprayer also comes in 3 sizes, with gun and hoses. These are ideal for dealing with a wide variety of coatings and are perfect for those operating in the industrial sector. Professionals working in automotive, aerospace, steel fabrication and joinery will especially benefit from the easy to flush system and stainless steel fluid parts.

Alternatively, consider high-quality products like the Electric Airless Sprayer or Pro Contractor Paint Sprayer.

Air Assisted Airless Pump Systems

The Graco Merkur 30:1 Pneumatic Air Assisted Airless Kit (25cc) is guaranteed to provide a high-quality job. Benefit from superb finishes, higher productivity, reduced costs and lower emissions on even the toughest procedures. There is also the option to purchase a model with Hopper included.

The next step up is the larger volume (75cc or 50cc) version that also comes with gun and hoses included. It has the same benefits as the Graco Merkur Pneumatic Air Assisted Airless Sprayer.

HVLP Turbines

The Graco HVLP Turboforce 9.5 Turbine Sprayer is an easy to use “plug and spray” solution that is ideal for users of all experience levels. So you can use it even if you’re a complete first-timer. Its portable turbine helps you control the spray job so that a high-quality finish is guaranteed. Meanwhile, TurboForce power and technology improve efficiency so that you save money on electricity and time with material preparation. Ideal for both busy, cost-conscious individuals and professionals alike.

Other Graco Spray Gun Accessories

Our Ultramix Store has all the other high-quality Graco accessories to help you get your job done safely and easily. Graco Electrostatic Spraypainting Gloves will help keep your hands and skin safe from damaging or toxic chemicals. In colder environments, you can benefit from the Graco Heated HP Hose System. It enables a quicker drying time and makes spraying of heavy materials more efficient.

Don’t forget to take advantage of those important smaller products like the Graco XHD Spray Tip and Holder as well as compatible Pencil Filters. And for a much cheaper and smaller spray solution, consider the Graco Silver Plus - 2 Finger Spray Gun.


There are many uses for Graco’s spray equipment such as for protective coatings, lubrication, paint circulation, dispensing sealants and adhesives and spray finishing.  They also manufacture power application equipment for the contractor industry.


Call us today to find out how we can help you with all your Graco spray gun requirements, or simply order here online.


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