Electric Paint Spray Pumps & Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless Paint Sprayers:

If you are looking for a convenient and economical option for buying your paint spray equipment, why not choose one of our electric spray pumps?

You’ll get your pump, spray gun and hose as part of one unit, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues, like you would if you bought each separately.

Our sprayers cater for people with all levels of expertise, including entry level users. You can also choose a unit to suit the size and type of your paint job, whether its specialist, general purpose, large or small.

You can choose from brands like Graco, Q-tech and Wagner, who all sell reliable and long-lasting equipment. While the Graco Xforce HD Cordless Airless Sprayer Kit is a great time saving option for small jobs, and you can use for touching up jobs on site.

You can select the specific features you need for your job because we sell units which offer varying levels of power, air pressure ratings and more. Our units also offer additional handy features such as reduced noise levels, consistent spraying at all pressure levels and compatibility with a number of different paints, coatings and lacquers.

But, we don't just supply a pump, we carry out servicing through to complete machine re-builds - keeping your paint shop 'up to speed' and reducing downtime.  Find out more by clicking on the following link > Spray Equipment Servicing. 

With our range of flexible finance options, the impact on your cash flow is minimised, and you immediately enjoy the benefits of new capital equipment (worth £1,000+).  View finance plans > 

If you have any further questions about our range of electric spray pumps, call Ultrimax today on 01302 856 666, or get in touch using our simple online contact form.


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