• Ultrimax Spray Booth Secondary White Media T15 - 1mx20mx12mm
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Ultrimax Spray Booth Secondary White Media T15 - 1mx20m

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Spray Booth Filter - Secondary White Media - 1mx20m

These Ultrimax Secondary booth filters are extremely compact, stable and mechanically robust, due to the multi-layer fibre construction. Often used as a secondary level of filtration in a spray booth or for input air filtration. Available in Secondary Blue Media 1mx20m, and Secondary White Media 1mx20m.



Used in automotive, furniture and industrial spray booths where wet and dry paints, coatings or varnishes are applied. A secondary filter is used to catch fine sprays and particles otherwise missed by primary overspray filters such as the pleated or concertina cardboard and glass fibre filters. Using dual filtration systems protects ducting and fans from expelling potentially hazardous liquids and particles into the environment.

A properly functioning spray booth needs to be carefully balanced; a booth filter will ensure the balance of air entering and leaving the booth is safe and functional.


Why use a spray booth filter?
Using a spray booth filter is essential not only to create the best finish on any painting or varnishing jobs but to ensure the health and safety of any individuals working in the spray booth. As a spray booth is sealed to prevent containments and dust from entering the area, the environment can be hazardous if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Filters ensure the air leaving/entering the booth is safe and won't compromise the quality of the paint job.


Health and safety

A booth filter is cost-effective as it is able to regulate the quality of air both inside and outside the spray booth. As a pre-input filter, it prevents any particles or impurities from entering the spray booth. Simultaneously, the product works as a second stage extraction filter which ensures all air leaving the booth is safe and free from hazardous chemicals. Without an effective filtration system, employees working in or around the spray booth may breathe in dangerous products which can have serious health consequences.

How often should you replace a spray booth filter?
Booth filters need to be changed regularly to make sure they are working optimally and creating a safe working environment. How often they need to be changed varies depending on the size of the spray booth and the frequency of work in the booth. On average, filters should be changed every six to twelve months if located on the ceiling. Filters on cross draft panels should be changed more regularly, rou

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