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Ultrimax Layered Paper - 1m x 20m - Spray Booth Filter - Yellow Tag 6 Layer Entry Level

Product Ref: BFP010

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Ultrimax Layered Paper Spray Booth Filter

Our Ultrimax Layered Paper Spray Booth Filter allows for the fine filtration of all types of solvent and water-based paints (powders, varnish, lacquers & glues etc). Due to its multi-layers the filter it provides a high retention capacity and extremely fine filtration.


3 Levels of Layered Paper Protection

Layered paper spray booth filters are available in 3 main types:

  • Yellow Tag - 6 layers - Entry Level
  • Pink Tag - 7 Layers - Standard Level
  • Orange Tag - 8 Layers - Premium Level
  • 1m x 10m Rolls


Key Layered Paper Benefits

  • Superior, fine filtration – for water-based or solvent based products, thermosetting paints or lacquers the filtration efficiency Is 96%
  • Easy storage
  • Load Loss & Constant Air Flow - The design and composition of the filter allows them to maintain a low load loss and airflow drop regardless of how dirty the filters are. With very little air resistance the filter allows for free circulation of air.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Our spray booth filters are produced from natural & biodegradable products only. Due to the high efficiency and high load capacity these filters are long lasting so fewer filters are required annually. A saving for you and the environment.
  • Easy to Use – It is manufactured from natural products. The Kraft paper used is easy to cut and easy to install. It is free from dust and there are no fibres to cause irritation that many suffer from when installing standard fibreglass filtration rolls.


Guaranteed worker safety

To ensure a spray booth is operating to its maximum ability, the spray booth environment must be properly sealed. An air system will create the optimum airflow for a booth but this airflow must be properly filtered to protect the quality of items painted in the spray booth and the booth workers. A spray booth concertina filter effectively filters the air to prevent harmful chemicals and particles being breathed in by individuals both inside and outside the booth. This creates a safe work environment for workers and reduces any major health and safety risks.

Why Choose Ultrimax Layered Spray Booth Filters?

The Ultrimax Layered Paper Filter consists of several layers of specially perforated paper overlapping one another, providing a large capturing area. Openings of one layer are organized opposite the previous layer. In circulating air, turbulence is caused and this results in catching of solid particles on individual layers of the filter.

Each layer of the filtration paper has a different structure. The openings get gradually smaller and upper layers get clogged more slowly than the bottom ones. This causes a regular load on all paper layers and the filter gets clogged equally in its entire depth.

Ultrimax Layered Paper media is designed for optimum performance and extended service life. As a result, it is an extremely economical collector of particulates from the exhaust air of spray booths. The design of our Ultrimax Layered Paper Filters ensures the efficiency of operation is maintained and resistance to airflow is minimal.

This helps slow resistance build-up and minimises airflow changes, providing more uniform air distribution through the booth and throughout the service life of each filter.

The uniformity of airflow and increased efficiency minimises the amount of overspray deposited where it is not wanted: in difficult to clean areas within the booth; inside of the exhaust duct; on fan blades, plant roof, neighbouring properties and parked cars.

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