• Gramos Tak Kill Denaturant FM - D4704
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Gramos Tak Kill Denaturant FM Booth Additive - D4704

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25 Litre
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Product Description


Gramos Tak Kill Denaturant FM Booth Additive - D4704 (Denaturant Process)

Gramos TAKkill Denaturant FM has been developed for the treatment of paint over-spray especially in pump-less spray booths. TAKkill Denaturant FM is neutral on reaction and is able to denature paints that are largely unaffected by alkaline additives. 

TAKkill Denaturant FM is supplied as a viscous buff liquid and finds application in the furniture manufacturing industry.


Specially Forumulated For Water Wash Booths

Gramos TAKkill Denaturant FM has been formulated using the very latest technological developments in the field for the effective treatment of paint over-spray, particularly in pump-less spray painting booths. TAKkill Denaturant FM is completely neutral on reaction, and therefore is able to efficiently denature any paints that are largely unaffected by alkaline additives, unlike many other denaturants currently available on the market.

This product is supplied as a viscous, buff liquid for ease of use. It works extremely well in conjunction with various other products from the Gramos TAKKill range - including cleaners and biocide additives.

The key benefits of Gramos TAKKill Denaturant are its many improvements to operational efficiency and the smooth running of various commercial environments. In any industrial workplace, machinery has to work at full capacity, without breakdowns or issues, to maintain efficient production. Gramos TAKKill Denaturant is extremely effective at treating and preparing paint overspray, meaning there'll be no corrosion or harshness adversely impacting your equipment. Ultimately, using this product as part of a regular maintenance and preparation routine will save you both time and money, allowing you to ramp up production and keep your equipment in excellent condition for longer, limiting depreciation costs and improving your bottom line.

Gramos TAKKill Denaturant FM has many potential applications. It's primarily used in the furniture manufacturing industry, where its neutral formula allows it to denature paints which remain essentially unaffected by alkaline additives or particulates. For the pump-less spray booths rapidly becoming industry standard, this is an absolutely essential feature. That's one of the reasons Gramos TAKKill Denaturant is so effective and comes with such glowing recommendations.

So if you're interested in placing an order of this powerful, cost-effective product, simply add the item to your basket below and check out online. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to call one of our friendly, knowledgeable team on the number below. We'd be more than happy to help answer any questions, queries or requests for more information you might have. We're only a call away.


Caution When Using Biocides

A word of caution: remember that you must always use biocides safely. That means proper storage, and especially taking care to always read the label thoroughly. Familiarising yourself with all available product information before first use is a good idea. Denaturants such as the TAKKill FM contain extremely strong chemicals, which could potentially cause harm. Given that, it's essential to take all necessary safety precautions.

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