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Gramos Tak Kill Biocide Additive BC1 Water Wash Booth - C8705

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5 Litre
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Product Description


Gramos Tak Kill Biocide Additive BC1 - C8705 (Denaturant Process)

TAKkill Biocide Additive BC1 is a red-brown liquid particularly suitable for the elimination of offensive odors caused by bacteria in the water of water-wash paint spray booths. It must be used in conjunction with the normal spray booth compounds used to denature the paint.

There are many benefits to using TAKkill Biocide Additive BC1. Chiefly, the product will completely neutralise any pungent, offensive odours caused by buildups of bacteria, fungus and other microbial bodies in the reservoir or water storage area of various models of industrial paint spray booths. It does this by eliminating bacterial growths, algae or any fungal infections, preventing microbial re-growth with its powerful cleaning properties and chemical compounds.


Curative & Preventative Treatment For Water Wash Booths

Importantly, this product can be used as both a curative and preventive treatment. Used on a regular basis, TAKkill Biocide Additive BC1 will help keep your equipment operating at full efficiency, reducing wear and tear and cutting your budget for expensive repairs or replacement, boosting the lifetime of your machinery, slashing depreciation rates and potentially saving you huge amounts of unnecessary future expenditure. Alternatively, if you have a one-off problem, this product will easily get rid of bacterial infections, effectively neutralising odours with just a single usage. The benefit of using just one product is it vastly simplifies storage, staff training and the complexity of your maintenance routines.

As mentioned above, the product must always be used in conjunction with normal spray booth compounds, commonly used to denature paint prior to any spraying jobs. It has many potential applications, although its primary benefits can be found in paint spray booths and bodywork shops. Keeping your water tanks completely hygienic, clean and odour-free is an essential part of running any busy bodywork or auto shop, helping to attract new customers and retaining old ones, as well as ensuring you keep a safe working environment for your employees. You can also use TAKKill Biocide Additive to prevent microbial contamination and buildup in all reservoirs, supply lines and filtration systems connected to spray booths, for a multi-use, highly effective cleaning product.


Biocide Safety

Remember, you must always use biocides safely and properly, taking care to read the label fully and thoroughly familiarising yourself with any available product information before use. They contain strong chemicals which could potentially cause harm, so it's important to follow all necessary safety precautions for the protection of your customers and staff.

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