• Gramos Tacky Surface Booth Coating - A4512

Gramos Tacky Surface Booth Coating - A4512 - 25ltrs

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25 Litre
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Product Description


Gramos Tacky Surface Booth Coating - A4512 - 25ltrs

Orapi Applied Tacky Surface Coating is a clear aqueous solution of specially selected resins and tackifiers formulated to give a non-drying, at ambient temperature, tacky coating to paint spray booth walls. The applied tacky film will collect and hold dust, paint overspray etc thus greatly assisting in keeping the spray booth area clean and free of airborne particles. When contaminated Orapi Applied Tacky Surface Coating can be washed off with water and a fresh coat applied immediately.

Orapi Applied manufacture specialist products for the maintenance sector, providing solutions to assist in achieving optimum efficiency in running your production. The product range is also designed to protect and extend the lifetime of your machines and equipment. Used daily by engineers in every continent, Orapi Applied products enable you to improve efficiency and make cost savings for your business.



  • Clear coating
  • Water based - solvent free
  • Long lasting tacky film
  • Water washable - easily cleaned
  • Can be re-applied immediately Benefits
  • High degree of dust and paint overspray retention
  • Keeps booth free of airborne contaminants
  • Improved finish quality
  • Retains booths in “as new” condition



  • Paint spray booths
  • Automotive manufacture
  • Automotive refinishing
  • Furniture
  • Aircraft finishing
  • Wind turbine blade production



Technical Detail


Directions for use

For New Booths which are internally painted or plastic coated it is recommend that the surface is pre-washed with a 2-5% solution of Orapi Applied Aquabrite to remove any grease or oil contamination and the surface dried before application of Orapi Applied Tacky Surface Coating to give an unbroken film.


SPRAY: Use a spray gun with a fluid tip of 0.635-1.8mm (0.0025’ – 0.007’). A single pass using a fairly wide fan should give sufficient coverage, ensuring that a continuous coating is applied leaving no uncoated areas.


BRUSH: Apply a thin coat only, avoid runs and dripping.


ROLLER: As single coat is adequate.


Wash application equipment with water after use.


Orapi Applied Tacky Surface Coating is suitable for application to most factory finished paint spray booths where the paintwork may be 2-pack polyurethane, 2-pack epoxy or other stove converted paint finishes. Care should be taken and patch testing carried out if applying to “uncured” paint finishes i.e. cellulose, household paints etc particularly in low bake applications.

In Spray Bake booths where temperatures of 50-80°C are regularly attained Orapi Applied Tacky Surface Coating will need to be removed and replaced more often, as it will eventually dry out and become coated with paint overspray making it more difficult to remove. The coating will remain effective for up to 50hrs at low bake temperatures and should be renewed every 2-4 weeks in most circumstances, either by over-spraying with fresh product or by complete removal and re-application.


Typical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Opaque liquid
  • Viscosity: 70 – 90 seconds Flow Cup No.4
  • Specific Gravity: 1.07 – 1.09
  • Solids content; < 25%
  • Coverage: 8-10m2 @ 30m film thickness
  • Flashpoint: Non-flammable
  • Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture


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