• Gramos Propeel - White Peelable Booth Coating - G4602
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Gramos Propeel - Peelable Booth Coating White Finish - G4602

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5 Litre
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Product Description


Gramos Propeel - Peelable Booth Coating - G4602 - White Finish

PROPEEL is a white pigmented temporary protective coating designed for application to all smooth, clean, metal spray booth walls in order to provide an easy method of booth maintenance. The dried film is readily peelable and enables even heavy overspray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed. Exposed areas can then be touched in or the entire area re-sprayed as necessary. By providing a white, light reflective surface better working conditions are obtained making for a consistent achievement of high quality work.

Gramos is used on a global basis by the manufacturers of the world's best-known automotive including Landrover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, JCB, Audi, VW, Volvo and many more all over the world. A key player of the paint shop processing market sector, Gramos offers a full range of chemical solutions and dust control products. This specialist product range is designed to aid the achievement of optimal paint finish, a necessity in the automotive industry.



  • Glossy White Finish
  • Strong easily peelable film.
  • Enables heavy overspray to be removed quickly and cleanly.
  • Light reflective surface for better working conditions.
  • Reduces maintenance time.
  • Heavily contaminated areas may be cut and painted in.
  • Easy to remove without any tools or solutions



Use as supplied, stirring thoroughly before use to disperse any settled pigment.

Apply by conventional spraying techniques using normal pressure spraying equipment, pot pressure 20psi (1-2 bar), air pressure 40-60psi (3-4 bar); and using a 70 thou (1.78mm) tip, with appropriate air cap and needle.

Apply a double pass, wet on wet, to give a dense white film. Do not dry spray as this may lead to some film shrinkage and poor peelability.

Do not use suction feed guns.

Do not apply to painted or plastic surfaces.

After use clean all equipment with 6118 THINNERS



2-3 square metres/litre, at 2-3thou (0.05-0.076mm) dry film thickness.



Store in a cool place in compliance with Petroleum Consolidation Act 1928 and Amendments, or Local/National Highly Flammable Liquids Regulations.

Protect from freezing.



Solvent based peelable coatings are not generally suitable for application to painted, plastic, or lacquered surfaces, and MUST be carefully patch tested before use to ensure no surface attack occurs and the product remains easily peelable after normal usage conditions.

Any use of these products on solvent sensitive surfaces where natural evaporation of the solvent may be retarded can lead to an aggravated solvent attack, for instance, seepage under a mask.


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