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BLS Half Mask Respirator with A2P3 Filters

Product Ref: BLS4600ML

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Product Description

BLS Face Mask Respirator

BLS 4000 Series Respirator Half Face Mask With A2P3 FIlter Pack

Introducing the BLS 4000 Series Respirator Half Face Mask, the ultimate respiratory protection solution for those who require a comfortable yet effective safeguard. This half face mask is expertly designed with the user in mind, providing exceptional comfort and a secure fit. Crafted with premium materials and advanced filtration technology, the BLS 4000 Series Respirator Half Face Mask offers reliable protection against harmful airborne particles, gases, and vapors. Its ergonomic design allows for easy breathing and unrestricted movement, making it ideal for extended wear. Whether you're working in construction, painting, or any other hazardous environment, trust the BLS 4000 Series Respirator Half Face Mask to keep you safe and breathing with ease.

Works with the following mask filters from the BLS range:

3 Dust Particulate Filter

A2 Gas & Vapour Filter

ABEK1 Gas & Vapour Filter

K2 Gas & Vapour


What Protection Level Do I Need?

This filter level is a 2 which is the second highest defence and a specialised P2 level. A2 protects against gas and vapours while the P2 level protects against dust particles

Filter Protection Color Codes

A Organic gases and vapors with boiling point > 65 ° C
AX Organic gases and vapors with boiling point ≤ 65 ° C
B Inorganic gases and vapors (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide)
E Gas and acid vapors (e.g. sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid)
K Ammonia and derivatives
◎ P Dust, mists, fumes


  • Bayonet connection - This connection is very intuitive, it allows a quick and secure attachment to the mask. It has a locking mechanism that lets the user know if the filter has been positioned correctly.
  • Activated carbons - The quality of the activated carbons used by BLS for gas and vapor filtration meets high safety standards and guarantees excellent filtration performance. They are produced without using toxic additives such as Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) and are certified food grade (REGVE231/2017).
  • Tested against formaldehyde
  • BLS has carried out specific NIOSH tests in an accredited laboratory to verify the penetration of formaldehyde into its carbons used for ABEK and ABE filters.
  • Filter Canister - Made of non deformable ABS allows to have an absolite control over the compression of the activated carbon grains within, this way air corridors are completely avoided making the filter 100% safe.


About BLS Respirators

BLS is an Italian Headquartered Respirator firm with 3 manufacturing facilities all in the EU. All products are researched and manufactured in the EU ensuring that supply chain disruption is minimised with short delivery lead times.

BLS operate their own innovation, quality and R&D testing with 50 years experience in respirator technology. They are accredited to ISO 9001 certification and EU 2016/425 for quality controls

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