Starchem Paper Paint Strainer Filters - 190 micron Fine (box of 100)

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Use a cost effective Starchem Fine paper paint strainer to filter and purify your paint before loading it into the spray gun for application.

This will help to prevent any foreign particles getting into the spray gun, minimising the risk of damage and/or imperfections in the topcoat of the paint job.

The Benefits of a Paint Strainer

You'd be surprised just how many particles of dirt and debris actually get into your paint supplies, but you'll see for yourself when you use one of these paint strainers for the first time! Paint strainer filtration is perfect when working with automotive paint, industrial spray paint and wood coatings.

A paper paint strainer is perfect for straining all types of paints, stains and liquids.  They remove dried flakes, lumps, filaments and other dust particles from paint. 

A Starchem paper paint strainer incorporates a lint-free design, with the filter mesh nestled on the inside to prevent any contamination occurring around cut edges of the mesh. The filter extends all the way to the tip of the strainer, so every last drop of paint is filtered effectively. This design also helps to prevent deformities during use, as the paper has a high resistance to solvents and water. They are made for use with high solid paints or primers, delivering superior straining in an easy-to-use, affordable package.

These premium paper paint strainer filters have the following features:

  • 190 micron high resistance to both water and solvents
  • Suitable for solvent and water based paints
  • The filter extends to the tip of the strainer, so all of the paint is filtered.
  • Economic way to ensure your topcoat is free from particles.


How A Paint Strainer Can Save You Time & Money?


Read our Article on the benefits of a paint strainer in the paint shop and why a cheap item like this can vastly improve your topcoat finish.

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