Ultrimax Solvent Plunger Can - 1.0 Litre

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Product Description

Ultrimax Solvent Plunger Can

  • Easy one-hand operation, these plunger cans are convenient and safe for dispensing flammable solvents.
  • Spring mounted dasher delivers measured amount of liquid to swab/cloth.
  • Perforated metal flash arrestor protects against ignition and escape of flammable vapours.
  • Capacity - 1.0 Litres/1.9 Litres

Safe Solvent Plunger for Panel Wipe

Normally when using panel wipe such as the Fast and Slow versions below, application means manually pouring onto paintwork resulting in wastage and potentially flammable materials where you do not want them (additional surfaces, the floor and your clothing).

Solvent Plunger Action

What the safety solvent plunger provides is safe and secure dispensing of the solvent. Add the solvent to the body of the plunger and the action of plunging 2-3 times draws the solvent up and onto the dispensing plate. Enough to to then add to a rag or cloth without wastage or spilling, need more simply plunge again and apply.

Perfect for HSE Managers and Procurement Managers

In a cost saving environment the plunger provides obvious savings to any procurement manager of a paint shop. Accurate and exact plunging of panel wipe and thinners ensures each job can be measured and costed effectively.

For Health & Safety personnel trying to risk assess each area of the pant shop spillages especially of flammable solvents cause headaches. Reduce them by ensuring flammable solvents are retained within safety canisters (the inbuilt arrestor reduces likelihood of the solvent igniting and the closing valve ensures vapours do not escape) until required for each job with less chance of spillage onto skin or surfaces not intended.

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