• Jtape Non Slip Surface Protection Film 1200mm X 50m
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J Tape White Non Slip Protection Film 1200mm X 50m

Product Ref: J-2214.1250

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Product Description


J Tape Low Tack Surface Protection Film

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Non-Slip Surface Protection Film is designed to protect any kind of surface from light mechanical damage and paint contamination. The product is constructed of a white, high opacity semi-translucent polyolefin carrier containing an anti-slip agent, and has an acrylic adhesive-coating on the underside. Non-Slip Surface Protection Film is a quick and efficient protector of surfaces in the mixing room, spray booth floors, stainless steel tabletops and paint mixing areas. It is easy to apply and remove, and saves time when covering large areas.


Features and Benefits

  • Strong and durable non-slip surface
  • white, high opacity semi-translucent polyolefin carrier
  • Easy to apply, cut and clean


J Tape Protection Film Sizes

Available in:

50m x 1200mm Rolls


What Is Surface Protection Film Good For?

J Tape Surface Protection Film is a white low tack product ideal for protecting surfaces in mixing rooms, spray booth floors, stainless steel table tops and paint mixing areas. The acrylic based film stops paint from ingressing to the material below and staining high value machinery and materials. It's low tack nature means it is easy to cut, shape and install but easy to de-install when the area becomes clogged with paint and needs refreshing.


Does Low Tack Surface Film Work?

Low tack tapes and films are specially designed adhesive tapes / films that can be removed from delicate surfaces without damaging the surface or leaving residues thanks to their lower adhesion. This is perfect for surfaces such as metals, joinery, pvc extrusion (windows and composite doors) new plaster, freshly painted walls or glass, where you do not want any residue left once removed.


Is Low Tack Protection Film Waterproof?

Although you can use J Tape low tack films year round including outdoor and indoor. It wouldn’t be advised to leavethe surafce protection film to saturate externally in snow, drizzle, sleet, or other inclement conditions. For weather resistant tapes you would need a water-resistant PVC tape which can resist water in most wet-weather conditions. J Tape Surface protection film works best indoors protecting machinery and higher value instruments such as spray booths.


Preparation For A Precision Finish With Protection Film

This low tack protection film can be applied to many different materials such as painted surfaces, stainless steel, sheet metal, ceramics, PVC and much more. It is essential to keep these materials free from scratches, dirt and damage to ensure a quality finish for the end product. If surfaces are not properly protected it could result in the reworking of the area or the cost of paying for damages to be repaired.


Technical Detail


Values shown are typical values and not to be used for specification purposes.

Carrier Polyolefin Film

Adhesive Acrylic-based

Colour White (high opacity, semi-translucent)

Thickness 120µm / 0.120mm (±5%)

Width 1200mm as standard (±5%). Other widths available on request.

Length 50m as standard (±0.5m). Other lengths available on request.



Peel Adhesion 2.5N/cm

Temperature Range 5°C to 45°C (40°F to 110°F)

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