• Mirka Polarshine Marine Final Finish 500ml
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Mirka Polarshine Marine Final Finish 500ml

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Product Description

Mirka Polarshine Final Finish - 500ml Marine Boat

The Mirka Polarshine 500ml Boat Polish is a premium-grade polishing compound specially designed for boats and marine applications. This high-quality polish is formulated to restore and enhance the shine of gel coat surfaces, leaving your boat looking brand new and protected against the harsh elements of the sea.

Boasting a 500ml size spray bottle, this boat polish provides ample quantity for smaller vessels or multiple applications. Enough volume to ensure that you have enough polish to cover extensive surface areas, reducing the need for frequent refills and allowing for uninterrupted polishing sessions.


Boat Polish Features

Density (g/ml) - 1.02 g/ml

Size - 500ml

Ideal for - Marine, small to medium scale vessels.

Cleans, Protects, Shines


Made For Marine Conditions

The key feature of the Mirka Polarshine Boat Polish is its unique formulation optimized for boat surfaces. It is specifically designed to remove oxidation, water spots, and other blemishes that can dull the appearance of your boat's gel coat. By utilizing advanced abrasive technology, this polish efficiently cuts through imperfections, revealing a deep and lustrous shine.

To achieve optimal results, the recommended density for this boat polish is 3%. The correct mixture ensures that you apply the right amount of polish, maximizing its effectiveness while minimizing wastage. The precisely calibrated density guarantees a consistent application and an even distribution of the polishing compound, allowing you to achieve a professional-grade finish.

In addition to its outstanding polishing capabilities, the Mirka Polarshine Boat Polish provides long-lasting protection for your boat's gel coat. Its specialized formula creates a durable barrier that shields the surface against UV rays, saltwater, and other environmental elements. This protective layer helps to prevent future oxidation and fading, ensuring that your boat maintains its glossy appearance for an extended period.

With the Mirka Polarshine 500ml Boat Polish, you can confidently revitalize and protect your boat's gel coat. Its superior polishing properties, optimal density, and long-lasting protection make it an essential product for boat enthusiasts and professionals alike. Restore your boat's shine with Mirka Polarshine and sail the seas in style.

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