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Contractor All Purpose Paint Brush Natural Fibre / Synthetic Mix

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Product Description


Contractor Natural Fibre / Synthetic Mix Paint Brush - Durability Meets Paint Holding

The Contractor all-purpose paint brush is a high-quality paint brush that is suitable for all types of paints and lacquers. Solvents or water based paints can be used with ease. These contractor grade paint brushes are not your average brush! The filament is a mix of natural fibres which hold more paint than synthetics but also contain synthetic fibres which are more durable than natural fibres. This combo of fibres means you get the perfect balance of paint holding with durability.



0.5 inch to 4inch sizes available / 12.7mm - 106.mm / sold in boxes of 12 only

paint brush natural and synthetic fibres


Key Features of the Contractor Paint Brush

  • USE TIME AND TIME AGAIN: Ideal for large or small projects
  • PURE BRISTLE & SYNTHETIC MIX: High quality bristles with a high paint loading ability
  • COMFORT HANDLE: Varnished handle for high comfort
  • PER PACK: Set of 12 brushes
  • USE FOR A BETTER FINISH: Guaranteed smooth paint finish
  • OUTPERFORMS SYNTHETIC: Outperforms fully sysnthetic paint bruches as these contractor branded products carry more paint to your target destination in a smoother motion
  • 6 SIZES: 0.5inch for detail work to 4 inch for wall and ceiling cutting in

Synthetic and Natural Bristle Blend Brush

The mix of synthetic and bristle in the paint brush, gives an improved finish and higher durability. Synthetic paint brushes hold less paint and don't give as high a quality finish as natural bristles do, however, synthetic paint brushes are a lot more durable. On the other hand, natural bristle paint brushes give a very high-quality finish and hold a lot of paint but the durability isn't quite so high. By mixing synthetic and natural bristles into the paint brush, the end-user gets the best of both worlds and the finish will be extremely good and the paint brush will also last a long time. All saving you time and money.


Reduced Paint Bristle Loss

Because the contractor paint brush is manufactured to a very high standard, you won't experience any bristle loss when painting. This can be very frustrating for the painter, as it can damage the finish and time is spent removing the bristles from the paint work. Knowing you are using a paint brush that doesn't leave bristles in the paintwork gives peace of mind and confidence to the painter to ensure the finish is as good as possible.

Ideal for both Solvent and Water Based Coatings

Designed for use of both solvent and waterbased coatings, it can stand up to the harshest of paints and coatings without reducing the paint brush's life span.

Paint Brush Size Guide

  • 0.5” – For use with sample pots, as well as window frames and detailed work. Able to fit into narrow spaces and tight corners.
  • 1”/1.5"" – Perfect for radiators, doors and small walls. The angular design allows full control of the paint brushes tip.
  • 2” – Excellent for painting the edge of walls and ceilings. This paint brush can hold enough paint for you to paint a line to the end of your reach. This means that you dip the paint brush into the paint less frequently, and get more done with each dip.
  • 3”/4” – Used when larger areas need to be covered, such as walls, ceilings, exterior trim, exterior siding, decks, fences and doors.

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