• Mirka Autonet Sanding Discs P80 (50)
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Mirka Autonet Sanding Discs P80 (50)

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Product Description


Mirka Autonet Sanding Discs

Mirka Autonet is specially developed for the rail and transport refinishing industry. Autonet is a new-age surface finishing solution offering speed, efficiency and an amazing dust extraction ability. The patented construction eliminates clogging and pilling and ensures a long lifespan, while other highlights include excellent initial aggressivity, reduced edge wear in finer grits and a versatile range to suit any application.

Improve your working conditions today by changing to `Dust Free Sanding` discs.

Make the most of well designed Mirka Autonet Discs for sanding

Do you need a durable sanding disc designed for finishing off cars, boats, aeroplanes or commercial vehicles?

We have Mirka Autonet Discs 150mm for sale, and they are perfect for your needs. These sanding discs were made specifically for those who coat and paint vehicles and equipment in the refinishing sector, and they come with a lot of distinctive features designed to help your vehicles achieve a great look before they move on to the next stage of the process.

As with all top-level products made to give the end user endurance and strong sanding performance, Mirka Autonet Discs have been made from an unusual and innovative design. The patented design is based around a network of threads of polyamide fabric, which is a tougher and longer lasting material than lighter items like polyester. This closely bound together network then has the grit bonded on to it for a superior finish.

As a cost effective alternative to the product's paper-based competitors, Mirka Autonet Discs bring all of the advantages and more of the other items on the market - yet with a similar price tag. Mirka Autonet Discs can even have an impact on your health. Because their anti-dust capabilities are so well-designed, your work area is likely to become much less dusty and more tidy. That's useful to everyone, but if you're working in a tight, enclosed space then it's particularly helpful.

Designed to work with every single type of new paint technology, these discs are suitable for use no matter what sort of finish gets applied to your substrate - so you won't need to worry about damage being caused when you use these. These discs are also highly efficient, as they are designed to last a long time and not require regular replacement. Despite the fact they are priced competitively in the same bracket as traditional paper discs, you won't need as many Mirka Autonet Discs than if you were using paper. That means in some ways they could even work out as much better value for money!

If you're looking to buy Mirka Autonet Discs 150mm, we're on hand to help make sure you get what you need and enjoy the benefits of sanding discs produced specifically for your sector by one of the market's leading manufacturers. Stock up your store cupboard today by giving our expert, friendly team a call on +44 (0)1302 856666, and they'll help you purchase Mirka Autonet Discs 150mm.



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