Case Study 3 - Form Group Leicestershire

Case Study - Midlands Joinery Manufacturer

Joinery Spraying Specialist reduces Drying Times by 40%

  • Company: Midlands Based manufacturer of bespoke joinery
  • Challenge Faced: Paint production couldn't keep up with main production line causing bottlenecks
  • Solution: Assess, advise current facilities and techniques, build new finishing plant
  • Installation: New Cefla Mito autospray line installed with flash off area and drying room
  • Performance: Energy saving of up 60% and 40% improvement in drying time. 7 day installation time including re-commissioning with LEV Test.


Case Study Explainer 3 Midlands Joinery Manufacturer

Reducing Drying Times By 40%

Reducing Energy Use by 60%

In this project featured in (Furniture Journal September 2022) Ultrimax aids a large joinery manufacturer spraying anything from bespoke furniture to kitchens and sanitary wear..


After installing a Ceflo Mito at the company the sudden increase in production required a need to massively develop the drying process while attempting to control energy requirements and future proof the company.


To solve the challenge Ultrimax surveyed the current Cefla production rates and designed and developed a new flash off room and drying room to keep pace with production. After an on-site survey by Ultrimax spray booth specialist Mike Booth, investigation drawings were created, 3D Cad renderings produced to show proposed calculations and a clear repesentation of how the system would provide zero product surplus was presented to the client.

By using a clever system of recirculating air past a small electric heater element the required Kw for the plant can be reduced (providing a 60% saving) the heater element lifespan is increased and the humidity level remains consistent in the drying room ensuring drying times can be reduced by 40%.

The entire installation was provided within a seven day turnaround ensuring minimal downtime for the manufacturer, the facility was recomissioned and LEV tested before production restarted successfully.

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Cefla Mito, Flash Off Room, Drying Room

drying room and cefla mito spray booth powder coating flash off room  spray booth drying room

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