Case Study 2 - Compact & Bale Spray Booth and Powder Coating Unit

Case Study - Compact & Bale

Waste Machinery Specialist Upgrades Spraying Operation

  • Company Compact & Bale is a large scale sprayer of waste machinery and plant such as balers
  • Challenge Requirement to increase capability for wet spraying and shot blasting booth
  • Solution Full 10m wide 3 tier extraction system for wet spray with ability to fully enclose
  • Installation Full shot blasting booth, fully enclosed with oversize doors to allow large machinery
  • Performance Ability to shot blast and wet spray side by side. Increased productivity


Case Study Explainer 2 Compact and Bale

Upscaling Operations For Wet Spray and Shot Blasting Booth

Compact & Bale are a large scale producer of waste management compactors and baler machines.


Compact & Bale needed to upgrade their spray facility on both sides for wet spraying and shot blasting booth. The two operations needed closing off from one another with the ability to place large scale machinery into each unit with ease.


To solve the challenge Ultrimax delivered a fully turnkey designed wet spray booth and shot blasting booth. Both the wet spray and powder coating both were Autocad designed to include a fully enclosed door system. The wet spray booth contains additional door features with a front and side door to allow effiicient production control for in/out production flows. By designing the wet spray booth with an integrated 3 tier 10m wide extraction system, high volume spraying and extraction can be guarenteed allowing round the clock working

The shot blasting booth similarly was designed to incorporate a full height door system which allows large machinery to be fork lifted in and out of the area with ease.

The project has created a seamless production line for high volume spraying, which is safe and ensures compliance with building regs, all part of the Ultrimax turnkey system.

Compact & Bale Main imagery file

Compact and Bale -3 Tier Extraction Spray Booth with Shot Blasting Booth

spray booth 3 tier  spray booth powder coating spray booth filters  spray booth powder coat full height door

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