Ultrimax Supports Woodsetts Primary School with Antibacterial Wipes

Ultrimax help Woodsetts Primary School Gear Up With Antibacterial Author – Andy Potts June 8th 2020 (reading time 2mins)  

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When local primary school Woodsetts Primary in Worksop advised that a return to school could be hi-jacked through lack of adequate PPE equipment, Ultrimax stepped in to help.

The school is attended by Olsson son of Ultrimax MD Giles Hoare ,before a successful return for Olsson and other school children at Woodsetts could be allowed they required a number of PPE items.

Included on the list was sanitiser based products such as antibacterial hand wipes and alcohol cleaning solutions. 

Believers in Support and Education

As believers in support and education Ultrimax were happy to lend a helping hand by providing Woodsetts Primary with their primary launch to return pupils to school on June 1st 2020.

Ultrimax provided x40 Antibacterial Hand Wipes packs and x12 Alcohol Hand Cleaner sanitiser bottles to ensure Woodsetts could operate safely.


  1. Antibacterial Hand Wipes

antibacterial hand wipes

The Ultrimax antibacterial hand wipes are provided in an easy to use rip and reseal packet of 48 wipes and is proven to tackle common bacterial infections such as Covid-19, Bird Flu and Swine Flu.


  1. Alcohol Hand Cleaner Gel


The Ultrimax alcohol hand gel is comprised of 70% alcohol solution a blend of ethanol, gelling agent and skin conditioner – this means your skin is cared for, while at the same time destroying harmful bacteria. No more cracked hands! The Ultrimax Hand Sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and comes in a handy flip top bottle for ease of use.

Happy Hands – Happy Faces


Ultrimax is very happy to help Woodsetts’ return to school programme and itself has been very forward in promoting products that can ensure a safe and successful return to working conditions. 

Check out a few of our recent additions to the line up of products, Ultrimax even provides a new ‘Essentials Catalogue’ to aid quick and easy purchasing decisions. 

Ultrimax Essentials Cleaning & Safety Products – Download pdf.

For deep cleaning:

q tech 190 sanitiser spray

Q Tech 190 Disinfectant Sprayer

Actiseptyl Disinfectant Solution for Q Tech 190

For hand cleaning:


Black Nitrile Gloves – Disposable

800 Tub of Hygiene Cleaning Wipes

Return to Work Antibacterial Clean Station

If you like to ensure your entire paint shop as well as your booth is clean and bacteria free, you may want to consider the Ultrimax Clean Station.

antibacterial cleaning station

Pre-loaded with 5 antibacterial items this clean station made from powder coated black steel will ensure you’re cleaning moves up to professional grade while being mobile and safe. 


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