Tuffalo Heavy Duty Protective Film Put to Good Use

Tuffalo Heavy duty protection film put to good use

Doncaster Citation Use Tuffalo Protective film to protect aero wings- by Andy Potts  26th May 2020. 2 mins reading time.

Our friends at Doncaster Citation Aerospace have sent us this fabulous picture of our Tuffalo Heavy Duty Protective Film being put to the test on a private jet. They were in the process of repainting a Cessna plane and using our Tuffalo film and masksing paper to protect the wings and other parts of the plane while it was having a fresh coat of paint.

Tuffalo Heavy Duty Protective Film

The Tuffalo heavy duty surface protection film is incredibly tough and is ideal for shielding surfaces that require a lot of protection. Heavy machinery and pedestrian through flow can damage fresh paint work and surfaces before a project is complete so it is imperative to keep surfaces free from dirt and dust to ensure a quality finish. The heavy duty protection film can be applied to many surfaces such as, freshly painted floors and walls, carpets and hard flooring.

This makes if perfect for aviation refurbishment, as when painting a plane, there are a lot of areas that need protection. Therefore a good quality, heavy duty protector film is vital for the success of any paint job.

Why Use The Tuffalo Heavy Duty Film?

The heavy duty protective film is made from a unique mould pattern so is heavily embossed for a non slip surface providing safe walkways for workers whilst still protecting the underneath surface. The protection film has a high tear and puncture resistance guaranteeing that delicate and freshly painted surfaces will remain free from dirt and debris until the whole job is complete. The film is also flame retardant and can help prevent accidental heat damage and the spread of fire. 

To guarantee a completely flame retardant seal, be sure to use Tuffalo Flame Retardant Tape when taping any joints and perimeters.

tuffalo protection tape and film


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