Tractor Paint is Red For Foster

Tractor Paint is Red For Foster. AuthorAndy Potts November 24th 2020 (reading time 2 mins)  




Ultrimax Customer Foster Sales Company Ltd specialise in agricultural machinery from new tractor handlers to trailers and even bespoke steel builds for hotels such as the below: 


Tractor Paint – Post Office Red!

The one constant in the Foster Sales Company group however is the use of the Ultrimax-  Ultrithane 1 Pack paint in colour Post Office Red. The Post Office colour is the brand colour of Foster’s and ensures their products are instantly recognisable in the market. 

By using Ultrithane, Foster’s can achieve a high gloss finish that importantly is extremely durable in the agriculture market which demands longevity.

The polyurethane makeup of Ultrithane ensures a high gloss level, while 1K paint allows Foster’s to create simple paint mixes and quick spraying in a  professional setting where units out of the door are time & money.

The specially formulated mix is isocyanate free meaning specialist breathing equipment like a full air fed system is not required for this type of paint system.

Learn more about Isocyanates in Paint


If you would like to learn more about Foster Sales Company agricultural ranges simply click below and gain access to more products like the below. 

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Ultrithane – Tractor Paint and More


Ultrithane is the perfect paint for agricultural manufacturers and painters but its uses reach beyond agriculture.  The below features make Ultrithane a perfect solution for painters in Plant & machinery, Steel Fabrication or Commercial vehicles.

✔ Fast Curing Time
✔ Very High Gloss Finish
✔ Excellent colour & gloss retention
✔ Available in almost any colour
✔ Easy to use – no mixing required
✔ Good Durability & Weather resistance
✔ Safe to use – Isocyanate Free


1k Paint vs 2K Paint 

Need further advice on the difference between 1k and 2k paint systems, check out our quick 2minute video. 

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