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Tractor Paint is Red For Foster

Tractor Paint is Red For Foster. Author – Andy Potts November 24th 2020 (reading time 2 mins)     Ultrimax Customer Foster Sales Company Ltd specialise in agricultural machinery from new tractor handlers to trailers and even bespoke steel builds for hotels such as the below:  Tractor Paint – Post Office Red! The one constant in […]

Whitham Mills – Ultrithane

Colours: Ral 2008 Ral 5002 Product Code: IPP115

Marshall Farms – Ultrithane

Colours: Marshall Trailers Red Ral 5011 Product Code: IPP115

Ultrithane – Foster Sales Company

Product Code: IPTM20-538 Colour: BS 538 Post Office Red

Case Study – Falcon Tower Cranes

We were delighted to help the largest independent tower crane suppliers in the UK, Falcon Tower 

Crane Solutions, when they needed a fleet of Manitou Telehandlers repainting for one of their customers.

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