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Ultrithane 31 – Walter Watson

Product Code: IPP3120-5002 Colour: Ral 5002

Ultrithane 31 – Transdek

Product Code: IPP3120-356 Colour: BS 356 Golden Yellow

Ultrithane 31 – Leeds Welding Company

Product Code: IPP3120-6018 Colour: Ral 6018

Ultrithane 31 – Goodchild Agricultural Engineers

Product Code: IPP3105-5005 Colour: Ral 5005

Ultrithane 31 – Fuel Proof

Product Code: IPP3120-9005, IPP3120-356 Colour: Ral 9005, BS 358 Golden Yellow

Ultrithane 31 – D&S Factors

Product Code: IPP3105-9006 Colour: Ral 9006

Ultrithane 31 – Belmont Shotblasting

Product Code: IPP3120-6001 Colour: Ral 6001 Product Code: IPP3120-6029 Colour: Ral 6029

Something so satisfying about this video!

There’s nothing like watching an extremely good painter do what he is best at, painting! One of our sales team shot this video while doing a trial with our Ultrithane 31 Direct to Metal 2K Polyurethane paint and the results are spectacular. The excellent colour retention and coverage of the productreally show through. Ultrithane 31 […]

Single Pack Spray Paint vs 2K Spray Paints (Video)

Whats the difference between single pack spray paints and two-pack (2K) spray paint? Most people will just say that for 2K spray paint you need to mix a hardener with the paint for it to cure, that is correct, however there is also quite a few other differences that you will need to bear in […]

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