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Ultrimax 1 – Tank Replacement Services

Product Code: IPO020-6009 Colour: Ral 6009 Fir Green

Ultrimax 1 – RLP Painting Contractors

Product Code: IPO005-9005 Colour: Ral 9005

Ultrimax 1 – WW2 Spitfire

Product Code: IPO005-637, IPO005-241 Colours: Medium Sea Grey – BS 637, Dark Green – BS 241

Ultrimax 1 – Playfoot Engineering

Product Code: IPO020-08B15 Colour: BS 08 B 15 Magnolia

Ultrimax 1 – Falcon Tower Crane Services

Product Code: IPO026-356 Colour: BS 356 Golden Yellow

Single Pack Spray Paint vs 2K Spray Paints (Video)

Whats the difference between single pack spray paints and two-pack (2K) spray paint? Most people will just say that for 2K spray paint you need to mix a hardener with the paint for it to cure, that is correct, however there is also quite a few other differences that you will need to bear in […]

How To Use Skip Paint – painting your own skip or container

How To Use Skip Paint – Painting your own skip or container. Author – Andy Potts Original 14th October 2016 Amended – June 23rd 2020 (reading time 3 mins)   If you have just bought a skip or container, it’s quite likely it will require a professional paint before you can use it or provide […]

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