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What Is Intumescent Heat-Resistant Paint? (and the Best Brands for Steelwork)

What Is Intumescent Heat-Resistant Paint? (and the Best Brands for Steelwork). Author – Andy Potts October 6th 2020 (reading time 5 mins)     (Heat Resistant Coatings – Displayed as a cutaway on a substrate) Intumescent heat-resistant paint provides an efficient and cost-effective method of protecting structural steel, timber, concrete and composite elements against fire […]

What is Intumescent Paint? (Video)

You might even be able to say it but do you know what Intumescent paint actually is? What does intumescing mean? It’s basically a fancy word for swelling. The paint expands up to 50 times its original thickness to form a carbon layer, or char, that prevents oxygen from reaching the substrate for a given […]

Fire Retardant/Intumescent Paint Coatings: How to Pick the Correct Product.

Intumescent coatings or fire retardant paints are often used in large-scale projects, in industrial settings, public spaces, brand-new large facilities, new build houses or in enclosed spaces with an increased risk of fire. They are also often a requirement in places which are often exposed to extreme heat, or in places where there are regular […]

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