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Ultrimax 1 – Tank Replacement Services

Product Code: IPO020-6009 Colour: Ral 6009 Fir Green

Ultrimax 1 – RLP Painting Contractors

Product Code: IPO005-9005 Colour: Ral 9005

Ultrimax 1 – Playfoot Engineering

Product Code: IPO020-08B15 Colour: BS 08 B 15 Magnolia

Ultrithane 31 – Leeds Welding Company

Product Code: IPP3120-6018 Colour: Ral 6018

Ultrithane 31 – Belmont Shotblasting

Product Code: IPP3120-6001 Colour: Ral 6001 Product Code: IPP3120-6029 Colour: Ral 6029

Something so satisfying about this video!

There’s nothing like watching an extremely good painter do what he is best at, painting! One of our sales team shot this video while doing a trial with our Ultrithane 31 Direct to Metal 2K Polyurethane paint and the results are spectacular. The excellent colour retention and coverage of the productreally show through. Ultrithane 31 […]

Choosing the Best Industrial Metal Paint System

Choosing the right high performance coatings and protective paints can be a difficult job. You need to ensure you have the right type of paint to get the job done, as well as taking care of its applications.

Specialists and industrial paint suppliers Ultrimax give a rundown the different types of industrial paints available, to help you chose the right paint coating to suit your application…

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