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How a Paint Strainer Can Save You Time and Money

  The humble paint strainer is a low-tech, low-cost tool that most spray shops overlook. But it’s a little lifesaver that can improve your paint finish. And because using a strainer adds a quick and easy quality control step into your process, you won’t waste production time and materials on fixing poor finishes.   What […]

Social Media Trends for 2020 – are we getting private? Some Simple Social Tools

  Simple Social Tools Not a usual Ultrimax piece but we thought this would be interesting for businesses large and small.  We use a social management tool called Hootsuite and as well as using there service they also provide some great simple social tools such as blogs, videos and even an end of year guide […]

What makes Prosolve wipes the ultimate wipe clean paint wipes?

Prosolve Wipe Clean Paint Wipes – The Professional Baby Wipe Do you remember when you were a nipper, and your mum would grab your grubby hands, pull out a wet wipe and clean you up? It always happened too fast for you to escape her grasp. Well, you may have enjoyed having mucky mitts as […]

Which is the Best Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner for Painters?

Which is the Best Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner for Painters? If we were to play a word association game and we asked you to name a heavy-duty hand cleaner, you’d probably say Swarfega. It’s a favourite household brand and a popular choice in the engineering and construction industries.  But, when it comes to choosing the best […]

New Total Paint Shop Support Catalogue … Now Available

      Laser Focused Total Paint Shop Support Products  Ultrimax is pleased to announce the launch of the new paint shop support catalogue after many months of candle burning work! Order a paper copy delivered to your address here: The new catalogue is larger than the last outing with 10% more products available bumping […]

A New Decade and Ultrimax has Ambitious Plans to Provide Paint Shop Support in the UK

With significant investment already made Ultrimax are well placed to provide a Total Paint Shop Support in 2020.      A busy start for the Ultrimax Coatings team, after a strategy meeting to kick of 2020.   Ultrimax Strategy Event on the 2nd January 2020   It wasn’t all about lifting a Paint Shop Roller […]

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