Social Media Trends for 2020 – are we getting private? Some Simple Social Tools



Simple Social Tools

Not a usual Ultrimax piece but we thought this would be interesting for businesses large and small. 

We use a social management tool called Hootsuite and as well as using there service they also provide some great simple social tools such as blogs, videos and even an end of year guide for  ‘ What Might Be Ahead in 2020’.


Simple Social Tools in a Handy PDF

For 2020 Hootsuite have launched a full trends breakdown as this year is a year for huge upheaval in the social media industry. 

The report answers some of the big questions that many small to medium and even large businesses ask?

  • is it accountable 
  • does it create conversions to sales
  • what platform will users be on in 2020
  • how should we communicate on social media platforms as a business.

2020 Social Media

IN this years roundup Hootsuite suggest that although there will always be a place for group chat, global commentary and public viewing , there is also a massive trend towards private networks. 

Less advertising, less interference and membership only social platform areas, it’s why Headspace the well known sleep wellness platform now have a members only Facebook Group where people can network and discuss sleep habits without interference with other users.


Read the full article here: Simple Social Tools 2020 Hootsuite.pdf  on what you should be doing to gear up for 2020 social media.  


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