Plan Routes in Production Areas With Line Marking Paint

“Manufacturing plays an important role in the economy. It can continue if done in accordance with the social distancing guidelines wherever possible.”. This is the latest guidelines from the Government and with that in mind, the team at Ultrimax are committed to get manufacturing and your workplace back up and running to full capacity. Social distancing “the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance (such as six feet or more) from other people” is only achievable by careful planning and creating routes around the manufacturing plant to ensure that workers don’t unnecessarily cross paths and don’t keep the recommended 2 metres distance.

How to Mark Out Your Production Areas With Line Marking Paint

We have found in our production area that it is best to spend some time planning routes. This will help team morale and create a safe working environment

  1. Firstly start by drafting a route that allows your workers to get to and from their workstations without crossing any paths and maintaining the 2 metre recommended distance
  2. Next, add in any diverts that are needed, e.g. washroom facilities, food areas.
  3. After that, you need to tape or mark on the floor of the proposed routes and experiment with the route out to ensure that it is manageable and it complies with the social distancing guidelines.
  4. Finally if you are happy with the route, make it semi-permanent by adding painted lines using a linemarker paint and applicator

Why Use Line Marking Paint?

This ProSolve Linemarker paint is extremely high quality, giving you a bright, visual line that is very hard to miss. Paired with an applicator it is also one of the fastest ways to create routes in your production area. This allows you to get back to work quicker and restart the economy.

The bright visual line from an aerosol linemarker is extremely distinctive and gives a brighter and more visual line than other options. Tapes can be scuffed and kicked so they loose their brightness and effectiveness. Paint linemarkers do not get scuffed and they last a lot longer than alternatives. The ProSolve Linemarkers offer an extremely bright, wide and visual line that other competitors cannot compete with.

Line marking paints are quicker and more readily available than hi-vis tapes making it more efficient and cost effective.

Line Marker Paint Aerosol
ProSolve Line Marker
Colormax Aerosol Line Marking Paint Applicator - 2 wheel
Line Marking Paint Applicator
6 x Line Marker Paint - Yellow & 1 x Applicator Deal
Yellow Line Marker Applicator Kit

Back To Work Checklist

Because Ultrimax want you to come back to work safely we have put together a checklist plan for yourselves to fill in as required to ensure that you are maintaining correct procedures and practices.

This is only an additional guide to help keep you and your team accountable. The Governments guidelines should always be first priority. Check the latest guidelines out here

Coronavirus Cleaning Stations

Due to the government suggesting that pop up washing stations should be used in the workplace, we have developed our own design, especially for paint shops and workplaces. “To help with this, you should consider adding additional pop-up hand washing stations or facilities, providing soap, water and/or hand sanitiser.” This was mentioned in the governments guidelines for social distancing in the workplace so it is vital that a cleaning station of some kind is added in your workplace.

See blog for more tips when returning back to work

Ultrimax Cleaning Station Deal

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