Paint Spraying Courses Made Easy At Ultrimax

Paint Spraying Courses Made Easy At Ultrimax. AuthorAndy Potts September 4th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)  




Looking for professional spray training with NACE Level Inspectors? Look no further than Ultrimax Coatings. Founded in 1973 Ultrimax has decades of experience in paint products for paint shops and has now taken this knowledge and compiled it into a full course for beginners and advanced sprayers. 

On-site Paint Sprayer Training

Ultrimax marketing manager Andy Potts described the course, “We aren’t the first company to offer a paint spraying course but we felt there existed a gap in the market for companies wanting to train their painters on-site, with their own products. This keeps the training laser focused on the purpose at hand understanding the businesses core product and market and fine tuning quality spraying for each scenario.”

Andy continued, “Our courses have been successful so far because our inspector level trainers can give insight to beginners and advanced students alike. In some cases advanced sprayers have learnt new methods where they have come from other industries such as auto painting. They now find themselves in industrial arenas with slightly different setups such as electrostatic painting of steel rods. We have also seen successful upskilling of warehouse and paint shop labour who want to help the business when production increases and reduce the bottlenecks that can strangle businesses.”

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Key Benefits

Ultrimax paint spraying courses offer an affordable way to train up to 3 people on site. Courses are priced at £350+vat for a half day session with all successful students receiving a certificate at the end of assessment from our NACE inspectors.


Numbers are limited to 3 trainees at a time to provide effective 1-on-1 training with the inspector and ensure the student can be trained in all areas fully.

Core learning aspects include: 

  • Pre-Paint Stage Training
    • PPE
    • Spray Booth 
    • Paint Temperature
    • Mixing Ratios
    • Equipment setup
    • Substrate penetration
  • Paint Stage Training 
    • Spray technique
    • Spray distance 
    • Wet film testing 
    • Air movement 
    • 1k & 2k painting 
  • Post Paint Stage Training 
    • Dry film thickness testing 
    • Paint storage 
    • Compliance 
  • Maintenance Training 
    • Spray booth maintenance 
    • Spray booth filters
    • Peelable coatings for spray booths 
    • Spray gun maintenance and strip down

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Compliance Audit 

A secondary service complimenting the paint spray courses is the all new Ultrimax Compliance Audit. If you are concerned about adhering to government and H&S regulations or you would like to make incremental improvements to the productivity of your paint shop, then look at the key benefits of the Ultrimax Compliance Audit. 

Priced at £350+vat for a half day audit on-site at your premises the audit will deliver and full and detailed report by a NACE level inspector.

The full benefits of an Ultrimax Compliance Audit are: 

  • Establish preventative maintenance schedule 
  • Spray Booth Filter – checks and calendar maintenance
  • Air extraction audit 
  • Preventing spray equipment failure process
  • Peelable Coatings audit 
  • PPE and respiratory audit
  • Paint suitability audit 
  • Production enhancement suggestions
  • Bottleneck reduction audit
  • Stock management audit 

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