Case Study – Kitchen Manufacturer

UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of fitted kitchen, fitted bedroom and fitted bathroom furniture; with a turnover exceeding £180 million and over 130 employees.



This kitchen manufacturer had for many years been manufacturing kitchens in a traditional way, and been buying in finished doors from Europe.  The market has changed significantly in the last 10 years and customers are now wanting painted kitchens in a large choice of colours.  To cope with this demand and the increase in new houses being built, they invested heavily in an automatic spray line and spray booths so they could offer bespoke painted kitchens in-house.  In 2013, after the spray line had been installed, they approached Ultrimax as they wanted a company to provide support for the consumables used in the new paint shop.



Having little previous experience in painting, Ultrimax spent time with their buyers to establish the best products to use and where they could benefit.

After a few months, the company switched paint from solvent to water based, which can be a nightmare.  But Ultrimax supported them throughout the process, providing advice on the different consumables that would now be required.  For example, we suggested a Water Based Tack cloth as a pre-paint wipe on the doors.  This was trialled and tested, and worked exceptionally well with the water based paint; helping to avoid any solvent contaminating the surface of the doors before painting.

Ultrimax also looked at other products that were being used and sourced them at competitive rates.  For example, the production director requested 66 more drying racks for the paint shop to be delivered within 1 week.  Ultrimax worked with the manufacturing company and managed to deliver on time and on budget.

Every item we supply is marked with their own part number which makes it so much easier when booking in products onto their ERP system.




The biggest benefit to this kitchen manufacturer, is that Ultrimax have streamlined their supply chain from 10 different suppliers to 1.   Added to that, they know we will source any product that is used in the paint shop, meaning we are their first port of call.  Both ultimately save time, money and labour.



“Works really well, deliveries come on time complete, and they are brought in 1 shipment rather than multiple deliveries.”



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