How To Choose The Right Spray Respirator

Choosing a paint spray respirator – where do you start?

Safety is of upmost importance in the workplace, so choosing the right spray mask is key.  Below are a few key points to look for when selecting a paint respirator.

  • NIOSH approved: Safety ratings can go a long way.  If it is NIOSH approved, then you know it is one of the top notch safety rated devices.
  • Comfort: The comfort level of the respirator is especially important if you’re going to be wearing it for some time.  It should be lightweight and seem like you’re not wearing it at all.
  • Reusable: If it is reusable, you need to know for how long and if there are any maintenance steps involved.
  • Filtering Capacity: The amount that it filters is a big consideration.  Obviously, the more it filters, the better off you are.
  • What it Filters: Some respirators can do much more than filter paint fumes, and if you are working with other things such as dusts, mists and other particles, then you want to protect yourself against these things, as well.
  • Size: A mask must fit properly to ensure complete protection.  It should have a tight seal around the nose and mouth to prevent leakage.

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