Features of the Ultrimax Disposable Painting Overalls

Key Features of the Ultrimax Painting Overalls

Breathable Back

A breathable back in the painting overalls is a fantastic benefit for a painter because paint shops can very quickly become a hot place to work. Especially when the weather is warming up and coming into summer, the hot days can make a paint shop extremely warm and uncomfortable for the painters. With a breathable back in the overall, it makes it just that bit more pleasant and manageable for the painter.

Elasticated Cuffs

Elasticated cuffs are another benefit that can improve the painters life in the paint shop. The cuffs fit snugly around the gloves and protect the skin of the painter from coming into contact with the wet paint. This is crucial because a lot of the paints supplied by Ultrimax Coatings are harmful if they come into contact with skin.

Zip Flap

Do you always pull the zip to hard and the seams start to peel away? well then if so it doesn’t matter! The zip flap on the Ultrimax Painting Overalls give you a double layer of protection meaning your clothes won’t be ruined for the 523rd time.

Giving you peace of mind about your clothes!

Hood For Protection

A hood is a standard feature on most painters overalls, however, you can’t have a coverall without a hood so we had to put this feature in there. Strong, protective, and comfortable, everything you need in a hood.

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Testimonial of The Ultrimax Painting Overalls

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