Electrostatic Painting Demo and how it works

Check out below images and videos of a recent electrostatic painting demo. The image shows the rear of the products after a single coat on the other side, and the circled item was painted without the electrostatic system turned on. The results highlight how good an electrostatic painting system is at covering the product with paint.

The paint can clearly be seen wrapping around the item in the video. This again emphasises the excellent coverage of an electrostatic painting system.

How Electrostatic Painting Works

This system delivers an electric current from the unit’s power pack, through the nozzle, to negatively charge the coating. The power pack has a second wire coming out of it that you attach to the item that you’re coating. This also gives it a positive charge. When the negatively charged paint is sprayed, it’s attracted to the positively charged item, greatly reducing overspray. The paint particles, therefore, spread evenly and easily wrap around the backs of curved surfaces.

Electrostatic paint sprayer

Electrostatic spray painting is ideal for finishing small items or difficult surfaces. Especially items that would normally be prone to runs and misses like the above item. It reduces overspray, paint consumption and production time, which all, therefore, save you money.

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Other Alternative Paint Spray Systems

Because the investment in an electrostatic system can be a lot, then it might not be suitable for your paint shop. Also, you cannot use an electrostatic system with any paint products that have zinc in them. Therefore, if you are painting with a lot of primers that have zinc in or any other products then electrostatic won’t be the correct solution and you might want to consider Airless spraying or air-assisted spraying. See below a useful video that we put together to explain the main differences between the three types of paint spraying systems.

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