Cranes Refurbished in Jotun System Metal Paint

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(Cranes refurbished back to safe specification )


Bright colours are often a popular choice for cranes that will be seen for miles across a city landscape. Occasionally a company asks for restraint on colour to blend into the industrial setting and look highly functional and purposeful. 


Ultrimax Advises on Metal Paint Specification

For this particular project Ultrimax have been asked by a regular customer to keep the system to a high specification and the colour within muted industrial tones.


After some collaboration a recommendation for a system was submitted. The decision to stay with one brand for the system in Jotun ensured that all paints would be designed to work in collaboration and would not react against each other causing paint issues. 

Using the same system is always a code of best practise in paint to minimise paint problems, diagnosis issues and re-work later down the line.



Primer Paint – Jotun Penguard 

penguard-zpView Penguard ZP Primer

For stage one of the system as a primer Jotun Penguard ZP primer was suggested. 

Jotun Penguard Express ZP Primer is a fast drying, high solids, two pack zinc phosphate pigmented epoxy coating which may be applied in high film thickness and at lower temperatures.

For use as an anti corrosive primer and/or intermediate coating for corrosion protection of steel and other substrates in atmospheric exposure where fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle times are desired. Can be used alone or in various systems of primers and topcoats.


Top with Hardtop XP

To finish off and following the same system principle Jotun Hardtop XP was recommended, 

jotun-hardtop-metal-paintView Jotun Hardtop Topcoat

Hardtop Features & Benefits

Jotun Hardtop XP is one of the most trusted products in marine building and vessel maintenance. One reason is it adheres to strict IMO/Solas directives and ISO standards. Additional benefits of this topcoat include:

• Ideal for exposed offshore buildings and maritime uses thanks to its long-lasting protection against corrosive atmospheric environments
• Recommended for use on large structures thanks to its optimum viscosity
• Can be applied using airless spray, roller or brush
• Requires just two coats for a maintenance cycle of four years 
• Good application properties with low dry spray
• Excellent 5m² per litre coverage
• Choice of colours to match any surface
• Quick drying time (six hours at 10°C/2 hours at 40°C for touch; 14 days/three days respectively for service)


Further Information

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