Choosing The Best Paint Brush To Suit Your Job

Are you struggling to choose the correct paint brush to suit your job?  Read on to discover key advantages and uses for a wide range of brushes.


Synthetic Bristle advantages and disadvantages:synthetic bristle

  • Synthetics hold less paint, meaning more loadings, but may suit a decorator that likes to paint in smaller areas or sections
  • Do not spread paint as well as bristle, so you need to work the paint more
  • Synthetic filament does not wear as quickly as bristle (bristle wears approximately 5x quicker), so the brushes will last longer, but also means that the brushes do not ‘break in’ to suit your specific painting style
  • Does not swell significantly in water, so tips stay fine to prevent tramlines (brush marks) in waterborne paint
  • Easier to clean and decorators will have to clean them when using waterborne paint as they cannot be stored in a vapour box
  • Less chance of bristle loss with synthetics

Natural Bristleadvantages and disadvantages:

  • Natural bristle has a rougher surface texture than synthetic
  • Holds more paint, meaning fewer loadings for the decorator
  • It spreads paint further first time, meaning less working of the paint for a better finish and less time needed
  • Natural bristle wears to a shape, called ‘breaking a brush in’ which makes for a brush with better control, and eventually a ‘cutting in’ brush.
  • Higher risk of bristle loss than synthetics – hence the need to invest in the best quality
  • Natural bristle swells in water so will leave brush marks in a waterborne trim paint

Emulsion Paint Brushemulsion paint brush

Soft white synthetic filament filling, with stainless ferrule and moulded wooden handle. 

  • Used to cover large surface areas with minimum effort
  • Generally used as a budget wall, emulsion and paste brush for smooth to semi-smooth surfaces.
  • Ideal for quick application and even coverage.
  • Can be used for the application of emulsions, sealants, primers, PVA and even wallpaper paste.

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Flat Fitch Brush flat fitch brush

Flat fitch brush with white pure bristle and long natural wooden handle and steel ferrule.

  • For detailed painting on areas such as coving, window trims, edges and window sashes.
  • Ideal for careful application of finishes and detailed painting.
  • ‘Cutting in’ to corners, coving, window trims, edges and window sashes.
  • Or used dry to clean/dust on delicate objects or hard to access areas
  • Available in a variety of sizes, including No. 4 (8mm), No. 8 (14mm), No. 12 (24mm).

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Round Fitch Brush

Round fitch brush with white pure bristle and long natural wooden handle and steel ferrule.

  • Traditional artist and touch up painter’s brush for detailed painting on areas such as coving, window trims, edges and window sashes
  • Round shape for both broad and fine work
  • Long-lasting
  • High quality
  • Available in a variety of sizes, including No. 6, No. 8, No. 10, No. 12

Radiator Paint BrushRadiator paint brush

  • Wire handle and pure bristle head
  • Features a long handle, enabling it to reach those awkward spaces
  • Ideal for painting behind radiators, pipes and the interiors of kitchen cupboards
  • Available in a variety of sizes, including 1”, 1.5” and 2”

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Striker Brushstriker paint brush

Pure bristle brush suitable for all paints. 

  • High quality
  • Comes with either a 1” or 2” diameter head, with a seamless and stainless ferrule, and heavy-duty bolt-on wooden, long reach handle attachment
  • For use on a variety of surfaces
  • Ideal for use on sheds, lamp post and various hard to reach exterior painting work

Laminating paint brush

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Laminating Brush

A basic, white bristle brush with untreated white wooden handles and nickel-plated rust-resistant ferrule. 

  • Suitable for a wide range of composite uses, including gel-coat application and laminating with polyester, epoxy, vinylester and phenolic resin
  • Available in a variety of sizes, including 1”, 2” & 3”

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Contractor Paint Brush

All-purpose paint brush with a blend of pure bristle and synthetic filament for improved finish and durability.Contractor paint brush

  • 5”/1” – For use with sample pots, as well as window frames and detailed work. Able to fit into narrow spaces and tight corners.
  • 5” – Ideal for doors, frames and skirting boards. Able to fit into narrow spaces and tight corners.
  • 2” – Perfect for radiators, doors and small walls. The angular design allows full control of the brushes tip. 
  • 5” – Excellent for painting the edge of walls and ceilings. Can hold enough paint for you to paint a line to the end of your reach.  This means that you dip the brush into the paint less frequently, and get more done with each dip.  Saves you time from swapping from a 1” brush to a 2.5” because a 2.5” can do the job of both.
  • 3”/4” – Used when larger areas need to be covered, such as walls, ceilings, exterior trim, exterior siding, decks, fences and doors.

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Professional Paint Brushes             

  • A quality blend of pure bristle and synthetic sRT filament with a varnished wooden handle
  • Available in a variety of sizes: 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3”, 4”

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Masonry Swivel BrushMasonry swivel

This brush is designed for the application of paints to interior and exterior walls. 

  • Allows you to reach all areas easily, due to adjustable swivel head feature
  • Specially formulated head and bristles hold a good amount of paint, enabling you to achieve an excellent finish on masonry
  • Head can be adjusted 90 degrees
  • Expansion pole compatible for harder to reach areas

Dogleg Brush

  • Angled brush head, ideal for hard to reach areas, corners and cracks, for painting and cleaning.
  • Extra long, plastic handle
  • Available Sizes: 1” and 2”

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Touch Up Brushtouch up brush

High-quality touch up paint brush with short plain wooden handle.

  • Suitable to use with all types of paints
  • Compact size allows for detailed painting

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